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The Skorpios III

MV Skorpios III

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Ship Snapshots

The Skorpios III Skorpios III Zeus Salon Dining aboard the small ship Skorpios III Bridge on the Skorpios III Kaweskar Route on the Skorpios III Skorpios III Olympo Deck Master Suite Shore landing on the Skorpios III Skorpios III cruising along glaciers
Boating excursion on the Kaweksar Route

Kaweskar Route

4 Day Itinerary aboard MV Skorpios III
  • Observe Amalia Glacier
  • Sail across the ice at Calvo Fjord
  • Walk in a small native forest
  • Cruise along White Angostura Island
Sail along the Kaweskar Route during this 4-day small ship cruise from Puerto Natales through the Magellanic fjords and channels of Chilean Patagonia. Enjoy daily land explorations on the Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal, and Alsina Glaciers and the area of Fiordo Calvo.
Activities: Small Ship Cruise
Places: Puerto Natales
Cruise Details
Oct 254Kaweskar Route
Oct 284Kaweskar Route
Nov 014Kaweskar Route
Nov 044Kaweskar Route
Nov 114Kaweskar Route
Nov 154Kaweskar Route
Nov 184Kaweskar Route
Nov 224Kaweskar Route
Nov 254Kaweskar Route
Nov 294Kaweskar Route
Dec 024Kaweskar Route
Dec 064Kaweskar Route
Dec 094Kaweskar Route
Dec 134Kaweskar Route
Dec 164Kaweskar Route
Dec 234Kaweskar Route
Dec 304Kaweskar Route
Jan 064Kaweskar Route
Jan 104Kaweskar Route
Jan 134Kaweskar Route
Jan 174Kaweskar Route
Jan 204Kaweskar Route
Jan 244Kaweskar Route
Jan 274Kaweskar Route
Jan 314Kaweskar Route
Feb 034Kaweskar Route
Feb 074Kaweskar Route
Feb 104Kaweskar Route
Feb 144Kaweskar Route
Feb 174Kaweskar Route
Feb 214Kaweskar Route
Feb 244Kaweskar Route
Feb 284Kaweskar Route
Mar 034Kaweskar Route
Mar 074Kaweskar Route
Mar 104Kaweskar Route
Mar 144Kaweskar Route
Mar 174Kaweskar Route
Mar 214Kaweskar Route
Mar 244Kaweskar Route
Mar 284Kaweskar Route
Mar 314Kaweskar Route
Oct 134Kaweskar Route
Oct 174Kaweskar Route
Oct 204Kaweskar Route
Oct 244Kaweskar Route
Oct 274Kaweskar Route
Oct 314Kaweskar Route
Nov 034Kaweskar Route
Nov 074Kaweskar Route
Nov 104Kaweskar Route
Nov 144Kaweskar Route
Nov 174Kaweskar Route
Nov 214Kaweskar Route
Nov 244Kaweskar Route
Nov 284Kaweskar Route
Dec 014Kaweskar Route
Dec 054Kaweskar Route
Dec 084Kaweskar Route
Dec 124Kaweskar Route
Dec 154Kaweskar Route
Dec 194Kaweskar Route
Dec 224Kaweskar Route
Dec 264Kaweskar Route
Dec 294Kaweskar Route
Jan 024Kaweskar Route
Jan 054Kaweskar Route
Jan 094Kaweskar Route
Jan 124Kaweskar Route
Jan 164Kaweskar Route
Jan 194Kaweskar Route
Jan 234Kaweskar Route
Jan 264Kaweskar Route
Jan 304Kaweskar Route
Feb 024Kaweskar Route
Feb 064Kaweskar Route
Feb 094Kaweskar Route
Feb 134Kaweskar Route
Feb 164Kaweskar Route
Feb 204Kaweskar Route
Feb 234Kaweskar Route
Feb 274Kaweskar Route
Mar 024Kaweskar Route
Mar 064Kaweskar Route
Mar 094Kaweskar Route
Mar 134Kaweskar Route
Mar 164Kaweskar Route
Mar 204Kaweskar Route
Mar 234Kaweskar Route
Mar 274Kaweskar Route
Mar 304Kaweskar Route
Apr 034Kaweskar Route
Apr 064Kaweskar Route
Passengers: 90
Ship Type: Expedition Cruise Ship

MV Skorpios III was built in 1995 at the Skorpios shipyard in Chile. Her cabins and hotel infrastructure were remodeled in 2012. The ship is 70 meters long, has a 10-meter beam, and a 3.30-meter draft, displacing 1,600 tons.

The MV Skorpios III has a capacity of up to 90 passengers berthed in 45 double cabins and distributed in 5 decks. Cabins offer twin, queen or king-sized beds. All cabins have private toilet facilities, plasma TV, and background music and a safety box. The ship has two comfortable bar lounges, and an ample panoramic dining room.
Skorpios III Atenas Deck Cabin
Atenas Deck
Skorpios III Acropolis Deck cabin
Acropolis Deck
Skorpios III Parthenon Deck cabin
Parthenon Deck
Skorpios III Olympo Deck cabin
Olympo Deck
Skorpios III Athos Deck cabin
Athos Deck
Skorpios III Athos Junior Suite
Athos Junior Suite
Skorpios III Olympo Deck Master Suite
Olympo Master Suite
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The trip was terrific with great planning on your part. Most of the adventures were not mainstream and somewhat off the beaten path which made it especially enjoyable!! We felt taken care of and you all were readily available to respond to questions and issues. I would highly recommend your company and friends have already expressed interest based on our pictures and excitement.
Gale Cantor

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