The Mediterranean Through the Centuries Cruise

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The Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
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Sunset view from Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
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The beautiful interior of the Hassan II Mosque
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Colorful spices at the Marrakech market
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Fort of Bizerte, Tunisia
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This 11-day Mediterranean voyage focuses on two of the many varied cultures which contribute to the rich cultural history of the region. After a day of discovery on Sardinia, sail for and explore the ruins of famed Carthage. Then, sail to Morocco and begin in Tangier, which is the launching site of the 8th century Arab invasion of Iberia.

Day 1

Rome / Civitavecchia / Embark

Arrive in Rome and transfer to Civitavecchia to embark the Corinthian.

Day 2

Trapani / Erice / Segesta

Arrive on the island of Trapani and drive up the winding roads to the medieval town of Erice. The town was known for its temple to the fertility goddess, Astarte. Look around the 12th-century Venus Castle and continue to Segesta for a visit to its magnificent Doric temple, which was built in 420 BC. The temple is among the best preserved ancient Greek sites.

Day 3

Bizerte, Tunisia / Tunis / Carthage

Stop in Tunis and tour legendary Carthage, which was founded in the 9th century B.C. Also tour the Bardo Museum and, in Tunis, visit the Medina.

Day 4

Sant' Antioco, Sardinia

Arrive in Sant’Antioco, a small port in the southwest corner of Sardinia. Technically an island, Sant’Antioco has been connected to the Sardinian mainland by a causeway since Carthaginian times. Serving as a base for the Cathaginians and later for the Romans, Sant’Antioco’s upper town has been continuously inhabited since the 8th century b.c., when it was founded by the Phoenicians. Tour the excavated remains of the Carthaginian acropolis, including the Tophet and the Catacombs, and visit the Archaeological Museum, which contains finds from the excavation.

Day 5

At Sea

Relax on board as the ship sails for Morocco.

Day 6

Almeria, Spain

Arrive in Almeria and disembark to explore this historic port city. Visit the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress which was originally built in the 10th century, the imposing 16th-century Cathedral built

in Renaissance style, the Chanca, a picturesque neighborhood with many of its houses built into caves, and the Paseo de Coches, a palm-lined seaside promenade.

Day 7

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, on Morocco's north coast, has been captured by the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Visigoths, and Arabs. It offers a prime location for access to the Iberian Peninsula, allowing the city to be used as a base for the invasion of Spain. Spend the afternoon enjoying the Medina, a classic Moroccan town of narrow lanes and stepped passages. Visit Dar el Makhzen, the former palace of the sultans, now a museum of antiquities and crafts. Also stop to see the Old American legation, a former palace which was given to the U.S. government in 1777 to house America's first embassy (Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States as an independent nation).

Day 8


Tour Rabat's main sites, including its Medina with the Kasbah des Oudaias, the evocative quarter of the old Almohad, and the Chellah Citadel.

Day 9

Safi / Marrakech

Drive to fabled Marrakech, one of Morocco's four Imperial capitals. Explore the 12th century Koutoubia Minaret, the Bahia Palace, the Ben Youssef Medressa, the Jewish Quarter, and Dfjemaa el-fna, the city's central square.

Day 10

At Sea

Relax on board as the ship sails to Portugal.

Day 11

  • Breakfast

Lisbon / Disembark

In the morning, disembark in Lisbon, Portugal, and transfer to the airport for your independent return flights.
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