Amazon Encounter Cruise


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Sail the legendary Amazon river on this 5-day luxury cruise. Encounter the local and remote villages which line the river and search for the mysterious pink river dolphin which lives between its shores. This Amazon cruise treats travelers to an exciting journey on South America's most famous river.

Day 1

    Arrive Iquitos / Embark

    Arrive in Iquitos and transfer by bus to Nauta, where the Delfin is docked. Board the Delfin and explore the ship before attending happy hour. Attend dinner in the dining room and, when finished, join your guides on the top observation deck to learn about your journey.

    Day 2

      Belluda Cano

      Wake early to view the abundant wildlife along the Amazon river before eating breakfast in the dining room. Explore the El Dorado River by skiff and hope to encounter gray and pink river dolphins. Experience the abundant wildlife and nature of the river as you sail.

      Day 3

        Atun Poza Lake / Rio Pacaya

        In the afternoon, hike through the pristine and unique ecosystem of the Amazon, passing through a classic tropical rainforest with emergent trees and canopy trees reaching up to 55 meters in height. Many trees have buttress roots which often extend high up the trunks, while palms are abundant and many of them have stilt roots. Biologically, this kind of forest is one of the richest habitats on earth, supporting the most species of plants and animals per unit area. Hope to view the giant otters, which feature large bodies, dark fur, and spotted throats. The otters nest in a small stream inside the forest and are easily spooked. The forest is also ideal for spotting birds such as the Bluish-Fronted Jacamar or Collared Trogons.

        Day 4

          Car O Curahuayte Lagoon /Jungle Hike

          Depending on the season, one of two itineraries is available:

          During the rainy season, board an excursion skiff and head for Car O Curahuayte Lagoon to fish for piranhas. The flooded forest features many flowering trees and many fish, such as the piranha, swim among the flooded tree trunks and devour the fruits of the trees. There are 25 different species of piranha in the Amazon basin, including black, white and red bellied.

          During the dry season, board the skiffs and search for the shore birds of the region. When the river is low, broad white sandy beaches emerge and river islands form, creating special ecosystems which harbor sandpipers, terns, black skimmers, egrets, jabirus, wood storks, and kingfishers.

          Begin to navigate back towards Iquitos in the afternoon and stop to visit the riverside Yanallpa Community around 3:30 PM. Encounter the locals who live along the river and learn about their lives.

          In the evening, attend a briefing and slide show of your journey. Relax on board as the guides review the trip on a flat-screen TV. Following the briefing, attend a farewell dinner as you continue sailing up the river.

          Day 5

            Amazon River / Yarapa River / Puerto Miguel Community / Disembark

            In the morning, board a skiff and stop at the village of Puerto Miguel. Take the chance to meet the local villagers and learn about their culture, traditions, and folklore. Reboard the Delfin I and enjoy lunch on board before arrive in Nauta. Take the hour-and-a-half bus ride back to Iquitos and transfer to the airport for your connecting flights.
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