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A small ship cruise offers unparalleled access to the Galapagos Islands. Below is a list of the most popular Galapagos cruise ships, including the Legend, Eric, Letty & Flamingo, Ocean Spray, Cormorant and more. Whether you choose the romance of a sailing schooner, the stability of a catamaran or the comfort of an expedition cruise, your days in Galapagos are filled with wonder as naturalist guides reveal the magical secrets of this archipelago. Snorkel with playful sea lions, wonder at the ancient tortoises or head out in a kayak for some adventure. Our expert trip planners are here to guide you to the Galapagos cruise ship best suited to your travel style.
The Anahi
The Journey I (formerly called the Anahi) is a power Catamaran yacht taking into account the highest standards of luxury and comfort. The Journey I will visit some of the more remote islands and cruise with more comfort than other boats in its size with …
  • $2260 - $8835 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Beluga
Embark upon the spacious and comfortable motor yacht Beluga. The Beluga is a lovely, 110 foot, steel-hulled motor vessel. It is fully air-conditioned and accommodates 16 passengers in double staterooms, each with private bathroom and hot water shower. …
  • $3270 - $8355 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Cachalote
Cachalote is a comfortable and beautifully decorated motor/sailor built to meet all security standards. Accommodating 16 passengers in her 8 cabins and offering guests plenty of space to relax in the spacious common areas located on her three different …
  • $2460 - $6150 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Cormorant
Explore the Galapagos aboard the luxurious Cormorant which incorporates the very best of Galapagos Catamaran design. With modern and spacious accommodations, her 16 guests will find gracious hospitality and first class amenities on board the Cormorant …
  • $2940 - $13565 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
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Eric, Letty & Flamingo
The Eric, Letty, and Flamingo are signature yachts with identical characteristics. Refurbished annually, these superior first-class sister yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests and feature three decks of spacious staterooms. Interiors feature …
  • $4000 - $11560 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Galapagos Odyssey
Galapagos Odyssey
The Galapagos Odyssey is an intimate 16 passenger yacht providing an luxurious small group atmosphere. This motor yacht offers four decks for the comfort of its passengers. You will enjoy the personal assistance of your experienced crew and travel in a …
  • $3250 - $10600 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Galaxy
The Galaxy yacht boasts beautiful woodwork, air conditioning, spacious cabins, and all of the amenities that make for an upscale Galapagos cruise. Carrying 16 passengers in nine elegant cabins, let the Galaxy transport you out of this world and into the …
  • $2190 - $6578 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray offers the best performance and comfort for a Galapagos cruise. With an elegant design, the Ocean Spray includes a huge sundeck, on deck Jacuzzi and spacious cabins each with private balcony. Her speed, comfort, top guides and itinerary …
  • $3965 - $12470 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Grand Odyssey
Sea Star Journey
Combining luxury, privacy and comfort in the marvelous setting of the Galapagos Islands, the Sea Star Journey is the newest yacht to sail these waters. With a capacity for 16 passengers, guests will enjoy the numerous amenities as well as the …
  • $4063 - $15900 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Seaman Journey
Seaman Journey
The Seaman Journey is a first class catamaran that began sailing the Galapagos Islands in January 2008. She is a luxurious catamaran offering superior comfort, size, style, and stability. During a cruise each guest can enjoy the well-furnished areas …
  • $2310 - $12383 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
$200 OFF
The Archipell
Archipell I
The Archipel I, formerly known as the Journey III, is one of the most comfortable cruise boats navigating the Galapagos archipelago. The Archipel I offers lots of space and comfort for naturalist and diving cruises, the artful combination of stability, …
  • $2718 - $8158 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
An exterior image of the Archipell I & II.
Archipell II
The spacious eco-catamaran Archipel II is powered partly by solar panels and has sophisticated navigation and safety equipment. She offers her 16 passengers beautiful cabins with private bath facilities and ocean view. Large common areas and expert crew …
  • $2720 - $8160 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Athala
The elegant catamaran Athala is unrivaled in offering the generous, comfortable accommodation and amenities of a larger boat while still preserving the relaxed exclusivity of a smaller vessel. The Athala was specifically designed and built to cruise the …
  • $4500 - $5750 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
$1790 OFF
The Beagle
If you want to experience life on board a romantic teak-deck schooner, the Beagle is for you! Spacious interiors ensure your total relaxation and her beautiful top-side areas are ideal for bird watching or observing dolphins from the bow. Accommodating …
  • $3990 - $7600 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
Sail the Galapagos archipelago on the Corals
The Corals are unique and functional luxury yachts, a perfect combination of classic beauty and exquisite style. The materials used in their decoration convey a pleasing sensation of warmth and comfort that will transport you automatically into a marine …
  • $1662 - $9414 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
Cruise the Galapagos aboard the elegant Eclipse
Discover the Galapagos Islands on board one of the finest expedition vessels available. Ever since her arrival in Ecuador, the Eclipse has surpassed the other options available in the Galapagos Islands, offering unparalleled levels of comfort and …
  • $4700 - $7450 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
$2100 OFF
MS Endeavor
Don’t let her accommodating public and private spaces, the posh quiet and rich collection of books in her Library, or the lavish observation space on her decks fool you — the National Geographic Endeavour is an expedition ship, designed for discovery …
  • $6290 - $16310 USD
South America, Galapagos, Peru, Ecuador
The Estrella del Mar
Estrella del Mar
The elegantly furnished and sleek upon the water, the Estrella del Mar is one of those ships that cruise the Galapagos Islands with style. The yacht features wide sun-decks, a bar and comfortable dining and lounge areas. Her ample sun decks provide …
  • $1550 - $3060 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Evolution
This charming expedition yacht is ample enough to provide spacious staterooms, along with various social areas - including inside and outside dining - yet small enough for guests to be able to experience nature in an up-close and personal manner. …
  • $5350 - $14300 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Galapagos Legend
Galapagos Legend
The Galapagos Legend offers many of the amenities of a larger cruise liner, yet she is small enough for that intimate experience with nature. Unlike other ships, the Galapagos Legend does not stand on ceremony or etiquette, instead believing in …
  • $1662 - $11909 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Galaven
Galaven I
The Galaven I is a 88 ft. Expedition vessel for 20 passengers accommodated in 11 double cabins, all with private bathrooms, air conditioning and ocean views. Galaven I offers spacious outdoor seating areas with sun chairs, a large interior dining room …
  • $1845 - $3745 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
$135 OFF
The Galaxy II
Galaxy II
The beautiful EcoGalaxy is a new sailing catamaran. Built in 2014, she provides leisurely excursions, optimal comfort, attentive guides, and upgraded, modern social areas. The EcoGalaxy is an ideal vessel for sailing in the Galapagos Islands. She …
  • $1708 - $3946 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Grace
M/Y Grace has journeyed the waters of this world under many names but has been rechristened with a name that takes her years back into her history; to the very best of her times. Named after her late owner, Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco, …
  • $5880 - $14000 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador
The Guantanamera
The Guantanamera is a fully air-conditioned, seventy-six foot motor yacht that accommodates up to sixteen passengers. This tourist class motor yacht offers eight double cabins with private bathrooms. Her quality design affords ample social areas and …
  • $1280 - $2760 USD
South America, Galapagos, Ecuador