From the tropical rainforests to isolated beaches, from remote Native villages to the Panama Canal, this is a cruise for marine animal and wildlife enthusiasts.

Nearly every day of your cruise, small excursion craft allow you to explore forest-lined rivers, tiny islets, and bird rookeries on seaside cliffs - or, to just poke around the next headland to see what's there. Visit Corcovado National Park, where liana-draped trees roost nearly 300 species of birds, Isla de Coiba, where you'll snorkel with sea turtles and puffer fish and Golfo Dulce with mangrove forests and the beautiful gardens at Orchid House. Transit the most exciting passage of the Panama Canal and visit a remote Embera village tucked away on the coast of the Darien Jungle. Also included is a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park where you'll delight in exploring long strands of magnificent beach backed by a jungle full of monkeys agoutis, three-toed sloths and the rare white ibis.

Small Ships, Expedition Vessels and River Cruising

The Hebridean Sky
Hebridean Sky
The Hebridean Sky, formerly known as the Sea Explorer, emerges from dry dock in June 2016 after undergoing a multi-million dollar refit. In addition to her effortless elegance, impeccable service, and atmosphere of charm and camaraderie, the Hebridean …
  • $6,995 - $28,995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Patagonia
$1,000 OFF
The Sea Explorer Air Cruises ship
Hebridean Sky Air Cruises
Hebridean Sky is a small, all-suite expedition vessel. She was built in 1992 and refurbished in 2005. Newly renovated in 2016, the Hebridean Sky, formerly known as the Sea Explorer, has been transformed into one of the finest small ships in the …
  • $4,995 - $19,995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
$1,000 OFF
The Island Sky
Island Sky
Built in 1992 and recently refurbished, the Island Sky is a spacious, yet intimate, expedition vessel. Public spaces available include a large lounge, elegant bar with piano, library stocked with fiction and reference books along with a selection of …
  • $11,980 - $18,880 USD
Asia, Arctic, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Central America, Mediterranean, Iceland, Norway, …
$455-$830 OFF
Exterior image of the Island Spirit.
Island Spirit
The Island Spirit carries up to 32 passengers overnight in 17 comfortable staterooms. Each room has a private bath and shower, as well as a minimum of one large opening window for wonderful views and fresh air ventilation during your Alaska …
  • $3,995 - $5,825 USD
North America, Alaska, Canada, United States
The elegant Jahan is one of the first modern boutique-style riverboats to sail the Mekong. Designed in the style of old colonial cruise liners, the ship features 26 luxurious cabins with floor to ceiling windows, a king-sized bed, and a private bathroom …
  • $10,460 - $15,790 USD
Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia
Diving in Magdalen Islands in front of Jean Mathieu
Jean Mathieu
During the duration of the Baby Harp Seal Photo Safari trip, accommodation is on a fishing vessel, steel-hulled and approximately 65 feet from stem to stern. It has a certified capacity for a maximum of 10 people and is captained by a local fisherman. …
North America, Canada
25% OFF
Kapitan Khlebnikov
Kapitan Khlebnikov
The Kapitan Khlebnikov is a polar-class icebreaker combing power and technology with comfort. It was built in Finland in 1981 and is a powerful polar class icebreaker, which has sailed to extremely remote corners of the globe with adventurous travelers …
  • $20,695 - $146,995 USD
Asia, Arctic, North America, Europe, Alaska, Norway, Russia, Canada, United States
The L'Austral, sister ship to the Le Boreal, is the fruit of Italian expertise and French sophistication. A superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins, the L'Austral links tradition and innovation, cruising to worldwide destinations in luxury. Launched in …
  • $4,470 - $51,540 USD
Asia, Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, South Pacific, Alaska, Mediterranean, …
Le Boreal
Le Boreal (CDP)
A superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins, the Le Boreal is the fruit of the expertise of the Italian and sophistication of the French. Le Boréal remains faithful to her philosophy - to create a unique atmosphere, a subtle blend of luxury, intimacy and …
  • $4,660 - $47,670 USD
Asia, Arctic, Caribbean, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Central America, Alaska, Mediterranean, …
$3,000 OFF
Le Lyrial masthead
Le Lyrial
Experience Antarctica, the world's most pristine region, at its very best from aboard the comfortable and sophisticated Le Lyrial. Enjoy its stunning blue palette inspired by the Vega star, all-balcony staterooms and suites, and the finest expedition …
  • $13,495 - $45,995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Patagonia
Le Lyrial masthead
Le Lyrial (CDP)
The sleek, intimate Le Lyrial sails under the French flag and entrances her passengers with her contemporary decor, comfortable suites, and refined ambiance. Her elegant design allows her to be an ideal sailing vessel.

Sailing under the …
  • $4,480 - $34,340 USD
Antarctica, Africa, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, …
 Le Ponant
Le Ponant
Experience the privilege of a relaxing cruise aboard Le Ponant, crafted to respect the tradition of famous sailing yachts. Following in the nautical tradition of three-masted sailing ships, Le Ponant will take you on a voyage of discovery. The ship …
  • $13,980 - $15,980 USD
Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Mediterranean, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Malta
$3,000 OFF
Le Soleal
Le Soleal
A sleek silhouette, a welcoming intimate atmosphere, discover aboard the ship Le Soleal the philosophy that has made her sister ships such a success: the spirit of yacht cruises. Sailing under the French flag, this magnificent yacht of only 132 …
  • $4,760 - $50,840 USD
Asia, Arctic, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, South Pacific, Alaska, Mediterranean, Iceland, …
The Liberty Clipper
Liberty Clipper
The Liberty Clipper is a 125-foot beautifully renovated gaff-rigged schooner, a replica of the renowned Baltimore Clippers, made famous over a century ago for their speedy and safe rounding of Cape Horn on expeditions to the California Gold Rush. Her …
  • $1,299 - $1,499 USD
Caribbean, North America, United States
Exterior image of the Lord of the Glens.
Lord of the Glens
Until recently, size-limiting locks prevented travelers from seeing the Highlands from the remarkable vantage point of the inland waterway that links Scotland's most famous lochs. Now, with the style of a classic luxury yacht, the 54-guest Lord of the …
  • $7,350 - $12,580 USD
Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom
The M/S Kleopatra in port
M/S Kleopatra
The M/S Kleopatra is a brand new cruise ship built under the Croatian flag according to the newest European standards. With its perfect size, maneuvering abilities, and 19 elegant cabins, the M/S Kleopatra will satisfy your refined expectations for a …
  • $1,010 - $1,690 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Croatia
The M/S Splendid
M/S Splendid
The small cruise ship M/S Splendid was built in a Split, Croatia shipyard for summer 2014 according to new EU standards. With its perfect size, maneuvering abilities, and 19 elegant cabins, the M/S Splendid will satisfy your refined expectations for a …
  • $1,105 - $1,690 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Croatia
The M/S Stockholm
M/S Stockholm
The M/S Stockholm is a classic vessel which was built in 1953 for the Swedish National Maritime Administration. She was refurbished in 1999 and is now a comfortable ice-strengthened expedition vessel. Each of M/S Stockholm's cabins are outside twins …
  • $6,890 - $11,490 USD
Asia, Arctic, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, United Kingdom, …
The Luxurious M/V Anakonda sails the Amazon
M/V Anakonda
The M/V Anakonda is the only luxury cruise liner in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Guests are delighted with its beautiful interior and intimate explorations of the region. The ship features 18 suites, each totaling between 215-258 square feet. Suites are …
  • $2,085 - $7,615 USD
South America, Ecuador, Amazon
Callisto ship
M/Y Callisto
The M/Y Callisto is true to her name: elegant, classic, and distinctively charming, offering a warm ambience reflecting the finest traditions of seafaring. She was fully refit / rebuilt in 2000 and renovated in 2005 and between March-July …
  • $2,790 - $5,490 USD
Europe, Central America, Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Panama, Costa Rica
The Manatee cruises the Amazon river
The Manatee Amazon Explorer is an intimate way to explore the great Amazon--it holds just 30 passengers, and is a stunning example of jungle luxury. The Manatee's expedition leaders are always on hand to answer questions and offer information …
  • $985 - $3,335 USD
South America, Ecuador, Amazon
The Mandalay
With Sail Windjammer, there is never a dull moment. You are not merely a passenger but part of a small group of fun-loving people. Throughout your Caribbean journey, sail safe and steady on the S/V Mandalay to unspoiled beaches, hidden inlets and …
  • $1,599 - $3,500 USD
The Amabella
MS Amabella
Perhaps the most distinctive feature aboard the MS Amabella is the revolutionary “Twin Balcony” stateroom concept found on the majority of staterooms. The Twin Balconies consist of French Balconies, for unimpeded views and fresh air, plus a separate …
  • $2,799 - $6,898 USD
Europe, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium
$750 OFF
The Amacerto
MS Amacerto
Inspired by classic ocean yachts, the Amacerto will provide the most distinctive river cruise experience. A magnificent glass elevator is one of the unique design elements found onboard, as well as exclusive “Twin Balconies”. The …
  • $2,599 - $7,958 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, France, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, …