Our world is connected by waterways. Unlike any other form of travel, an expedition cruise opens the world to exploration, providing journeys from the ancient marvels of the Mediterranean to mystifying Easter Island. Destinations are chosen for their natural beauty and their rich culture. Icebreakers traverse the frozen waters of the Antarctic and Arctic. Expedition cruise and luxury ships explore the lush coastlines of Vietnam and China's vibrant Hong Kong and tour Africa's Cape Verde to the Canary Islands. The destination is up to you - an expedition cruise provides you with the means to turn ordinary travel into a world adventure. Below is a complete list of expedition cruises and tours to worldwide destinations.

Small Ships, Expedition Vessels and River Cruising

The Amasonata
MS Amasonata
The Amasonata is a sister ship to the Amacerto and Amareina and features the most advanced design of any river cruise vessel currently in operation. Passengers will enjoy gourmet dining with free-flowing fine wines at multiple onboard dining venues; a …
  • $2499 - $12997 USD
Europe, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Belgium
The Amavida
MS Amavida
The Amavida will bring a distinctive standard of excellence to the Douro River in Portugal. This grand 108-passenger vessel features balconies in the majority of its spacious staterooms and suites, which range up to 323 sq. ft. Ship Public …
  • $2699 - $8418 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Portugal, Spain
La Belle de L'Adriatique
MS La Belle de L'Adriatique
The MS La Belle de L'Adriatique is a beautiful sailing vessel which cruises along the Croatian Islands, Montenegro, Cyprus, and Greek Islands. Built in 2007 and accommodating 198 passengers in just 99 cabins, she is a comfortable vessel upon which to …
  • $1559 - $3721 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro
MS Lafayette
The MS Lafayette is a sleek river cruise ship which sails Europe's beloved Rhine. Her small size, relaxing atmosphere, and dedicated staff make her a favorite among the cruising community. The Lafayette offers 43 guest rooms and comfortably sleeps 82 …
  • $2008 - $2495 USD
Europe, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
The MS Lofoten
MS Lofoten
The MS Lofoten was built in 1964 has has remained a beloved favorite ever since. Her experienced crew and comfortable accommodations make her an ideal candidate while choosing a small ship in which to sail the Arctic. Originally launched in Oslo, …
  • $797 - $3536 USD
Arctic, Europe, Norway
Exterior image of the Macao.
MS Macao
The M/S Macao is a brand new ship featuring 16 fully-equipped, tastefully designed double or twin en-suite cabins. Each bathrooms has separate, non-flooding showers and cabins are equipped with individually-controlled air-conditioning. Each cabin …
  • $1100 - $1565 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Croatia
The MS Madeleine
MS Madeleine
The MS Madeleine is a river barge which travels along the Marne-Rhine Canal. Expertly designed for comfort, the Madeleine is the picture of comfort as you sail the canals of France. Offering just 12 cabins with a passenger capacity of 24, the MS …
Europe, France
MS Quest
The MS Quest welcomes you to an exciting polar cruise. This ship was built in Denmark with the original purpose to serve as a ferry on Greenland's west coast. In 2004/2005 she was completely refurbished in order to serve as a small and comfortable …
  • $4590 - $15590 USD
Arctic, Europe, Norway, Scotland, Denmark, Ireland
MS Raymonde
MS Raymonde
The MS Raymonde is a spacious river barge which sails the canals and waterways of France. Her charming interior and comfortable staterooms make her an ideal sailing vessel. The MS Raymonde comfortably sleeps 24 passengers in just 12 cabins. Each cabin …
Europe, France
The MS Renoir
MS Renoir
The MS Renoir was built in 1999 and refurbished in 2011. Her renovations made her an ideal vessel for sailing the rivers and waterways of France, specifically the Seine, for while she was designed. The Renoir comfortably sleeps just 158 passengers in …
  • $971 - $1131 USD
Europe, France
The MS Vesteralen
MS Vesteralen
The MS Vesteralen was built in 1983 and carries just 510 passengers. Her sleek exterior and comfortable accommodations make her an ideal choice for cruising the Arctic region. The Vesteralen lives up to the legacy of her sister ship, after which she …
Arctic, Europe, Norway
20% OFF
The Plancius
MV Plancius
M/V “Plancius” started her life in 1976 as an oceanographic research vessel for the Royal Dutch Navy and was named “Hr. Ms. Tydeman”. In June 2004, the vessel was taken out of active service for rebuilding. The vessel was completely rebuilt in …
  • $1000 - $23200 USD
Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Portugal, …
The Skorpios II
MV Skorpios II
The MV Skorpios II was built in 1988 and sails under the Chilean flag. Renovated in 2012, the ship is a comfortable sailing vessel. Her sleek exterior and small size makes her ideal for sailing the narrow fjords of Patagonia. The Skorpios II …
  • $2000 - $2500 USD
South America, Chile, Patagonia
10% OFF
The Stella Australis
MV Stella Australis
Embark on the Stella Australis, launched in 2010 for Patagonia cruising. Part of the Australis fleet, sister ship to Mare Australis and Via Australis, all specially designed for Patagonia cruising. The Stella Australis, constructed in 2010, has five …
  • $1189 - $4054 USD
South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
The Ushuaia
MV Ushuaia
The "Ushuaia" is a steel hulled, ice-strengthened vessel built originally for oceanographic research. She was recently converted to passenger voyages. Navigation and communication equipment has been newly upgraded and cabins were refurbished to provide …
  • $4950 - $15880 USD
Antarctica, South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
10% OFF
The Via Australis
MV Via Australis
Built in 2005 as a sister ship to the M/V Mare Australis, the M/V Via Australis has 64 cabins with private facilities and panoramic windows for Patagonia cruising, and offers travelers a comfortable experience with 4 decks, 2 lounges, and a restaurant …
  • $1189 - $3426 USD
South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
$1200 OFF
The National Geographic Explorer
National Geographic Explorer
The National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition ship accommodating 148 guests in 81 outside cabins. It is fully stabilized, enabling it to navigate polar passages while providing comfort. The National Geographic Explorer houses …
  • $7690 - $43250 USD
Arctic, Caribbean, Antarctica, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Central America, Mediterranean, Iceland, …
$2000 OFF
Exterior image of the National Geographic Orion.
National Geographic Orion
Technically and aesthetically, National Geographic Orion is arguably the most sophisticated vessel in its class. The Berlitz Ocean Cruising and Cruise Ships guide describes her as "the latest in the quest to build the ideal expedition cruise …
  • $8990 - $49480 USD
Asia, Antarctica, Africa, South America, South Pacific, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, …
The Nile Adventurer
Nile Adventurer
A cruise on the Nile River should be a magical and enchanting experience, and with the M.S. Nile Adventurer, it becomes exactly that. An intimate and luxurious haven, the M.S. Nile Adventurer has only 32 cabins and offers three and four night cruises. …
  • $1251 - $6156 USD
The ‘Noorderlicht’ was originally built in 1910 in Flensburg, Germany as a three-masted schooner. For most of her existence she served as a light-vessel on the Baltic. In 1991 the present owners purchased the hull and re-rigged and refitted her …
  • $2200 - $6250 USD
Arctic, Europe, Norway
Explore Antarctica aboard the Ocean Diamond
Ocean Diamond
Carrying a capacity of 189 passengers, the Ocean Diamond is the latest in polar vessels to explore Antarctica. One of the many attractive features of this vessel is its fantastic fuel efficiency. This allows the ship to offset the ship’s carbon …
  • $5995 - $20295 USD
Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Patagonia
33% OFF
Ocean Endeavour
Ocean Endeavour
Sailing with a maximum of 198-passengers, Ocean Endeavour is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising. Outfitted with twenty Zodiacs, advanced navigation equipment, multiple lounges and a top deck observation room, she is purpose-built for passenger …
  • $2595 - $22595 USD
Arctic, North America, Canada
The magnificant Ocean Endeavour
Ocean Endeavour (QU)
Sailing with a maximum of 199-passengers, the Ocean Endeavour is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising. The Ocean Endeavour is expertly engineered to explore the Polar Regions. The ship is equipped with an ice-strengthened hull, generous deck …
  • $5495 - $24995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Patagonia
15%-25% OFF
Ocean Nova
Ocean Nova
The Ocean Nova (previously called Sarpik Ittuk) was built in 1992 at the Ørskov Shipyard in Frederikshavn, Denmark, to navigate the ice-choked waters off Western Greenland. The ship was upgraded in 2000 and significantly refurbished once again in 2006 …
  • $5195 - $11995 USD
Arctic, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, United Kingdom