Our world is connected by waterways. Unlike any other form of travel, an expedition cruise opens the world to exploration, providing journeys from the ancient marvels of the Mediterranean to mystifying Easter Island. Destinations are chosen for their natural beauty and their rich culture. Icebreakers traverse the frozen waters of the Antarctic and Arctic. Expedition cruise and luxury ships explore the lush coastlines of Vietnam and China's vibrant Hong Kong and tour Africa's Cape Verde to the Canary Islands. The destination is up to you - an expedition cruise provides you with the means to turn ordinary travel into a world adventure. Below is a complete list of expedition cruises and tours to worldwide destinations.

Small Ships, Expedition Vessels and River Cruising

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Ocean Nova
Ocean Nova Air Cruises
Jumping over Cape Horn and the mythical waters of the Drake Passage and in less than 2 hours of flying from Punta Arenas to King George Island, the largest Island of the South Shetland Archipielago, you will be at the gates of the white continent. For …
  • $4295 - $21995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
Exterior image of the Oceanic Discoverer.
Oceanic Discoverer
The Oceanic Discoverer is an expedition style cruise ship large enough to provide all the comforts of a larger cruise ship, yet small enough to enable access reef and island sites inaccessible to other vessels. Accommodating a maximum of just 72 guests, …
  • $7350 - $10950 USD
Asia, South Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia
Oceanic Discoverer (ZE)
Oceanic Discoverer (ZE)
The 65-passenger Oceanic Discoverer was introduced to the world of sailing vessels in 2005. Her sleek, small size makes her ideal for regional exploration and navigating through channels and fjords. Guests on board the Oceanic Discoverer enjoy access …
  • $12980 - $15980 USD
South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand
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The Ortelius
The ice-strengthened vessel “Ortelius” is an excellent vessel for Polar expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica, providing us with possibilities to adventure remote locations such as the Ross Sea and Franz Josef Land. “Ortelius” was …
  • $3120 - $19400 USD
Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, South America, Europe, South Pacific, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, New Zealand, …
30% OFF
The Panorama
Panorama II
Discover a 2 masted state-of-the-art sail cruiser which can accommodate up to 49 passengers in 25 cabins. Panorama II was launched in 2004 offering the highest standard of accommodation and comfort safety. Life aboard the Panorama II Lounge …
  • $1150 - $3950 USD
Europe, Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey
The Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin
The Paul Gauguin was designed specifically to sail the shallow seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia, visiting small ports that larger ships can’t reach and effortlessly blending into the stunning natural beauty of the South Seas. She offers an …
  • $3995 - $20245 USD
Asia, South Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji, Indonesia
25% OFF
The twin-hulled Pegasus accommodates up to 49 guests in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. On board enjoy magnificent sea views as you stroll the 2,550 square feet of open deck. Relax with friends in the handsomely appointed lounge, browse in the …
  • $1250 - $3220 USD
Africa, Seychelles Islands
Polar Pioneer
Polar Pioneer
Polar Pioneer was built in Finland in 1985 as an ice-strengthened research ship, and for many years she plied the treacherous waters of the USSR's northern coast. In 2000 she was refurbished in St Petersburg to provide comfortable accommodation for 54 …
  • $6080 - $23090 USD
Arctic, Antarctica, South America, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, …
40% OFF
Exterior image of the Rembrandt van Rijn.
Rembrandt van Rijn
S/V ‘Rembrandt Van Rijn’ was built as a herring lugger early last century. The vessel was rebuilt as a three-mast passenger sailing schooner in the Netherlands in 1994 and sailed various regions of the globe since then. The vessel underwent a …
  • $2250 - $7100 USD
Arctic, Europe, Iceland
Ayeyarwady River Cruise near Myanmar on the Road to Mandalay
Road to Mandalay
Cruising gently along the Irrawaddy River, The Road To Mandalay accesses the unique sights, scents and sounds of Burma (Myanmar) in style and luxury. From the royal city of Mandalay, this beautiful craft voyages south to the ancient capital of Bagan, …
  • $2520 - $12400 USD
Asia, Burma / Myanmar
RV Indochine
The RV Indochine is an exotic ship which sails entirely on Asia's Mekong River. Built in 2008, she is made of local woods and decorated in a colonial style. Combining charm and comfort, the RV Indochine is an ideal vessel for cruising the waterways of …
  • $3059 - $3345 USD
Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia
$200 OFF
Safari Endeavour
Safari Endeavour
The ambience aboard this newly refurbished 84-guest yacht-style ship is casual elegance with a full menu of upscale amenities. Its new design is exquisitely appointed with features such as an intimate Wine Bar and spa area including two hot tubs, sauna, …
  • $2995 - $9995 USD
North America, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, United States
$200 OFF
The Safari Explorer
Safari Explorer
The Safari Explorer is exquisitely appointed with new design features such as an intimate Wine Library and spa area including a large hot tub, sauna, fitness equipment, yoga classes and complimentary massage. The Safari Explorer offers an exceptional …
  • $3595 - $12095 USD
North America, South Pacific, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, United States
$200 OFF
The Safari Quest
Safari Quest
While Safari Quest provides guests with an intimate experience, the comfortable staterooms and public spaces provide ample room to get away from it all. Enjoy an Alaska or Mexico luxury cruise and remote adventure. Guests use the casually elegant …
  • $3695 - $10195 USD
North America, Alaska, Canada, United States
15%-25% OFF
The Sea Adventurer
Sea Adventurer
Built in 1975 as the Alla Tarasova in the former Yugoslavia, the 117-passenger Sea Adventurer underwent a $13-million conversion in 1998 in Scandinavia. The new features include 61 comfortable, all-outside cabins complete with lower beds and …
  • $4995 - $30995 USD
Arctic, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Chile, Russia, Argentina, …
33% OFF
The Sea Adventurer (ZE)
Sea Adventurer (ZE)
Sea Adventurer is a handsome expedition vessel reminiscent of the days of the great ocean liners, with lots of varnished wood and brass. Formerly known as the Clipper Adventurer, she sails on a wide variety of cruises — in Europe, the …
  • $9980 - $29980 USD
Arctic, Caribbean, Antarctica, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, Norway, Scotland, …
$350 OFF
The Sea Bird & Sea Lion
Sea Bird & Sea Lion
These vessels can reach places inaccessible to larger ships due to their small size, yet they comfortably accommodates 62 guests in 31 outside cabins. Cruise remote regions of Alaska, Mexico's Baja, Northwest Pacific and more. The feeling, we’re told, …
  • $4590 - $17790 USD
North America, Central America, Alaska, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, United States
Sea Cloud
The Sea Cloud is a legendary windjammer. Both a private home and sailing vessel, the Sea Cloud has retained her original charm while featuring the most modern amenities. The elegance of times gone by has been preserved on the ship, found on the bridge …
  • $2855 - $12845 USD
Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Malta, …
The Sea Cloud
Sea Cloud (LI)
The Sea Cloud is a glorious and gracious luxury sailing yacht, a four-masted bark, custom built in 1931 by the business magnate E.F. Hutton for his wife the heiress, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Her sleek, snow-white hull elegantly curves from stem to …
  • $8390 - $20670 USD
Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Montenegro
Sea Cloud II
The Sea Cloud II is a legendary windjammer comparable to her sister ship, the Sea Cloud. Featuring her own unique character, the Sea Cloud II combines the high standards expected of a 5-star cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship. …
  • $2745 - $11295 USD
Caribbean, Africa, South America, Europe, Central America, Mediterranean, Norway, Scotland, Portugal, United Kingdom, …
The Sea Explorer
Sea Explorer
The Sea Explorer, formerly known as the Corinthian II, has always been known for its effortless elegance, impeccable service and atmosphere of charm and camaraderie. Now she sails under a different name with increased adventure options and an on-site …
  • $6795 - $24995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Argentina, Patagonia
15%-25% OFF
Exterior image of the Sea Explorer
Sea Explorer (QU)
The Sea Explorer is one of the finest polar adventure ship operating today. She was built in 1991 and was refurbished in 2004 in Norway. Her proud reputation is complimented by her well-appointed, elegance. Sea Explorer is the perfect expedition …
  • $7995 - $17495 USD
Arctic, North America, Europe, Denmark, Canada
The Sea Explorer Air Cruises ship
Sea Explorer Air Cruises
The Sea Explorer is a small, all-suite expedition vessel. She was built in 1992 and refurbished and redecorated in 2005. Several improvements have been made since 2005. With an ice-strengthened-hull, the Sea Explorer offers an exclusive and stylish base …
  • $4295 - $18995 USD
Antarctica, South America, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia
The Sea Spirit
Sea Spirit
Sail aboard the luxurious Sea Spirit and you'll experience Antarctica in grand style. This 112-passenger vessel is one of the most spacious and luxurious expedition vessels currently operating. The ship carries a maximum of 112 passengers in 57 stylish …
  • $19595 - $28995 USD
Arctic, Antarctica, North America, South America, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Argentina, Patagonia, Canada, …