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The Tip Top III

Tip Top III

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Ship Snapshots

The Tip Top III The Tip Top III Relax on the sun deck of the Tip Top III. Comfy deck of the Tip Top III. Bar area aboard the Tip Top III. Tip Top III Tip Top III's Lower Deck Twin Cabins. The dining room aboard the Tip Top III.
Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino) Island, Galapagos

Central Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard Tip Top III
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark on a 4-day cruise that explores the highlights of the central islands of the Galapagos. Indulge yourself in the picturesque beauty of the unique landscape here. Relax on the beach, do some exploratory snorkeling, and wander to the hidden inlands. Be entertained by the antics of friendly sea …
Cruise Details
Devil's Crown Galapagos

Eastern Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Tip Top III
  • Kayak around Santa Fe
  • Snorkel with eagle rays
  • Walk on the red shores of Rabida
  • Take a panga ride
Activities: Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Experience more than just the highlights of the Galapagos' eastern islands with this 8-day adventure. Teeming with wildlife, volcanic wonders, and breathtaking landscapes, the eastern islands are an excellent place to spend a vacation! Snorkel, kayak, and become acquainted with the …
Cruise Details
Chinese Hat (Sombrero Chino) Island, Galapagos

Islands Circumnavigation

15 Day Itinerary aboard Tip Top III
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Take a cruise on this 15-day voyage that covers all the magnificent wonders the Galapagos has to offer. Spend your days exploring the archipelago. Snorkel and swim with friendly sea lions. Also enjoy several opportunities to encounter the incredible wildlife including Galapagos penguins, …
Cruise Details
Sea lion on North Seymour

Southern Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard Tip Top III
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
This Galapagos cruise takes you through the highlights of the southern islands on this 5-day trip of exploration and adventure! Kayak and snorkel in crystalline waters, traverse picturesque volcanic landscapes, and observe fascinating native wildlife as you cruise through the beautiful southern …
Cruise Details
Moreno Point, Isabela Island, Galapagos, Flamingo

Western Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard Tip Top III
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
This Galapagos cruise takes you beyond the highlights of the western islands with 8 days of exploration and adventure! This cruise features some of the most sought after destinations in this region. Enjoy the company of friendly sea lions while snorkeling and make friends with the gentle giant …
Cruise Details
May 2615Islands Circumnavigation
May 268Western Islands
Jun 024Central Islands
Jun 028Eastern Islands
Jun 055Southern Islands
Jun 0915Islands Circumnavigation
Jun 098Western Islands
Jun 168Eastern Islands
Jun 164Central Islands
Jun 195Southern Islands
Jun 2315Islands Circumnavigation
Jun 238Western Islands
Jun 308Eastern Islands
Jun 304Central Islands
Jul 035Southern Islands
Jul 0715Islands Circumnavigation
Jul 078Western Islands
Jul 148Eastern Islands
Jul 144Central Islands
Jul 175Southern Islands
Jul 2115Islands Circumnavigation
Jul 218Western Islands
Jul 288Eastern Islands
Jul 284Central Islands
Jul 315Southern Islands
Aug 0415Islands Circumnavigation
Aug 048Western Islands
Aug 118Eastern Islands
Aug 114Central Islands
Aug 145Southern Islands
Aug 1815Islands Circumnavigation
Aug 188Western Islands
Aug 258Eastern Islands
Aug 254Central Islands
Aug 285Southern Islands
Sep 0115Islands Circumnavigation
Sep 018Western Islands
Sep 088Eastern Islands
Sep 084Central Islands
Sep 115Southern Islands
Sep 1515Islands Circumnavigation
Sep 158Western Islands
Sep 228Eastern Islands
Sep 224Central Islands
Sep 255Southern Islands
Sep 2915Islands Circumnavigation
Sep 298Western Islands
Oct 068Eastern Islands
Oct 064Central Islands
Oct 095Southern Islands
Oct 1315Islands Circumnavigation
Oct 138Western Islands
Oct 208Eastern Islands
Oct 204Central Islands
Oct 235Southern Islands
Oct 2715Islands Circumnavigation
Oct 278Western Islands
Nov 038Eastern Islands
Nov 034Central Islands
Nov 065Southern Islands
Nov 1015Islands Circumnavigation
Nov 108Western Islands
Nov 178Eastern Islands
Nov 174Central Islands
Nov 205Southern Islands
Nov 2415Islands Circumnavigation
Nov 248Western Islands
Dec 018Eastern Islands
Dec 014Central Islands
Dec 045Southern Islands
Dec 0815Islands Circumnavigation
Dec 088Western Islands
Dec 158Eastern Islands
Dec 154Central Islands
Dec 185Southern Islands
Dec 2215Islands Circumnavigation
Dec 228Western Islands
Dec 298Eastern Islands
Dec 294Central Islands
Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

The first class yacht Tip Top III was designed and constructed to offer the highest level of security and comfort to our guests. The Tip Top III is a First Class Steel-hulled Motor Yacht, built to impeccably high standard in Guayauil/Ecuador. With 104 feet in length, 22 feet in beam and 5 feet in draft, the Tip Top III is a very comfortable, well known yacht in the Galapagos Islands.

Amenities on board the Tip Top III
The comfortable rooms include a bar, dining room, saloon and sun deck. All cabins and public areas are fully carpeted. A beautiful teak floored sun deck creates a delightful place for resting and relaxing on board. Guests will enjoy the use of snorkeling equipment and kayaks free of charge.

With the highly trained professional crew on board, twin main engines, twin electric generators, twin radars, Eco-sounders and GPS, Reverse Osmosis Water Maker, all the coastguard required safety equipment and 12 knot cruising speed, the Tip Top III ensures safe cruising around the Galapagos Islands.

Her 16 guests are accommodated in 10 comfortable cabins. Each cabin has a private bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin and vanity); locker and drawers. Cabins are fully carpeted for passengers comfort.

Lower Deck Cabins
Four of the cabins in the lower deck have 2 single lower berths. Two of the cabins have one double lower berth and one single upper berth.

Upper Deck Cabins
Located on the upper deck are two caibns with one double lower berth, and two cabins with two single lower berths.
Tip Top III's Lower Deck Cabins.
Cabins 1-6
Lower deck cabins. Cabins 1-2 with double lower berth and single upper berth. Cabins 3-6 with single and double lower berths.
Tip Top III's Upper Deck Single Cabin.
Cabins 7 & 8 - Single Cabins
2 upper deck cabins with one double lower berth
Tip Top III's Upper Deck Twin Cabin.
Cabins 9 & 10
2 upper deck cabins with two single lower berths
Tip Top III's deck plan.
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