Enjoy a sightseeing trip in a canoe.
Amazon Odyssey
This compact Amazon cruise is especially good for travelers who do not have much time to travel in the Amazon, but would still like to experience the essence of Amazon wildlife and culture. Though brief, this cruise offers an authentic experience and one …
  • 5 Days
  • $1,580 - $2,370 USD
Wildlife Viewing, Rainforest Exploration, River Cruises, Village Visit
South America, Brazil, Amazon, Manaus, Anavilhanas National Park, Lago Janauari, Xiborena Peninsula
Enjoy the mist of a cascading waterfall in the Amazon
Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon
This Amazon river journey explores some of the most untouched rainforest in all of the Amazon. During this 7-day cruise, venture far up the least inhabited river in the Amazon Basin on the Motor Yacht Tucano. Weaving in and out of small channels on the …
  • 7 Days
  • $3,795 - $4,240 USD
River Cruises, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing, Rainforest Exploration
South America, Brazil, Amazon, Manaus, Lago Janauari
Though the Tucano has the appearance of a traditional riverboat it is still a thoroughly up to date and modern yacht. The vessel was built entirely new using sophisticated equipment, materials and advanced construction techniques.

From the electrical and water systems to the advanced propulsion and navigation systems, Tucano offers all of the convenience, security, and comfort of a modern yacht. There are individual air-conditioning thermostats in every cabin. The vessel has state of the art communications and navigation equipment so that no matter how far into the world’s greatest wilderness the vessel may explore, there is still contact with the outside world.

The traditional design of the M/Y Tucano has had another wonderful advantage, the beautiful finish details of the 19th Century. The cabins, Salon, and main corridors are crafted of exquisite solid wood raised paneling. The deep amber color of the varnished wood is accented by polished brass hardware found throughout the vessel. The walls are decorated with framed botanical prints as well as antique maps from the great era of exploration. The Tucano experience offers the classical elegance of a bygone era but combined with the capability and the spirit of modern exploration.

Life aboard the Tucano
The Amazon cruises are active and guests spend most of their time off the vessel exploring the forest, but when on board, the Tucano offers plenty of space to spread out and contemplate the wonders of nature. With over seventy large windows, the Tucano is bright and airy. The cabins and the salon are air-conditioned and have elegant raised wood paneling in the style of the 19th Century steamers that cruised the majestic rivers of the Amazon.

A Generous Salon
From this large space, filled with windows and situated at the front of the vessel, guests are treated to fantastic vistas of the wilderness surrounding on all sides. Meals are served here and guests have a library of choice books on Amazon wildlife.

Large Observation Deck
The top deck is open and has a large shade canopy. It is a wonderful place to spot wildlife or soak in the vastness of the Amazon. There is space to catch some sun and watch the Macaw parrots screeching across the afternoon sky.

Middle Deck Balcony
This wide balcony faces forward and is a serene spot to relax as the Tucano winds her way along the forested shore. It is also a good place to observe monkeys jumping from one vine to another and pink dolphins leaping into the air.

Accommodations aboard the Tucano
All of the cabins on Tucano are outside cabins with large windows, private baths with showers, and air-conditioning. There are two categories of cabins. Yellow Category cabins are the larger cabins and have beds side by side. The Green Category cabins are smaller and have above and below berths.

Green Category Cabins: The four cabins in this category have above and below berths with a single size mattress above and a single sized mattress below. These are cabins numbered 1, 2, 7, and 8. These cabins are significantly smaller than the Yellow cabins. But they are nonetheless comfortable outside cabins with large windows, private bathrooms, and air-conditioning.

Yellow Category Cabins: The five cabins in this category are large and have beds side by side. They are numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, and 0. Cabin “0” has a queen size bed beside a single bed.

Triple Cabins: Some of the Yellow Category cabins can accommodate three travelers. This is helpful for families. In cabins “3” and “4” a third narrow bed can be placed between the single beds.
Tucano's Green Category Cabins.
Green Category
Four cabins, upper and lower berths, outside cabins with large windows, private bathrooms, and air-conditioning. # 1,2,7 & 8.
Tucano's Yellow Category Cabins.
Yellow Category
Five cabins, two lower berths, outside cabins with large windows, private bathrooms, and air-conditioning. #3-6 & 0.
Deck plan of the Tucano