Hacienda El Porvenir

Haceinda El Porvenir
A double room at Hacienda El Porvenir
Haceinda El Porvenir
Haceinda El Porvenir
Comfortable accomodations at the base of Cotopaxi at Hacienda El Porvenir
Haceinda El Porvenir
Authentic Andean craftmanship
Haceinda El Porvenir
Haceinda El Porvenir
Haceinda El Porvenir

Enjoy your stay at Hacienda El Porvenir, a working farm in the region surrounding the Cotopaxi Volcano with its own distinctive charm, ecosystem and individual touch. This area is known as the land of the four corners due to the four volcanoes that surrounds: Rumiñahui 4,712 m (15,455 ft), Pasochoa 4200 m (13,776 ft), Sincholagua 4893 m (16049 ft) and Quilindaña 4878 m (16000 ft), with snow capped Cotopaxi at it's center.

Enjoy your stay in a comfortable, welcoming and beautiful traditional Andean hacienda house providing comfortable shelter and protection, built through a suitable use of materials such as brick, straw, wood and adobe.

The living room and dining room with their crackling fires warmly welcome guests. The dining room overlooks a large courtyard surrounded by buildings and barns used for farming. An impressive backdrop is the ever-changing Sincholagua Volcano.

Traditional bedrooms on the second floor, known as Machai, recall the huts in the Andean highlands with their straw roofs and “estera” walls, estera being the name given to a reed or cattail fabric woven by the skilled hands of craftsmen. Each Machai can lodge two guests, with the exception of the master machai which accommodate a family of four. These beautiful bedrooms share 4 bathrooms.

Additionally chose from two Superior double bedrooms each with a private bathroom, and two Suites each with a private bathroom and a fireplace.

· Maximum capacity of 32 guests
· Covering over 4,500 hectares for the exclusive use of guests
· Perfect for eco-tourism and adventure holidays
· 9 double Machai (shared bathrooms)
· 1 quadruple Machai (shared bathrooms)
· 4 Superior double rooms (private bathroom)
· 1 small room with a bunk
· 1 Honeymoon Suite with fireplace (private bathroom)
· 1 Family Suite (Cotopaxi suite) with fireplace and a private bathroom
· 4 shared bathrooms
· Hot water and electricity (110 volts)
· Dining room with fireplace
· 3 living rooms with fireplaces
· Restaurant, bar and shop
· Camping area with toilets
· Self guided trail

Note: 2 superior rooms and the small room with the bunk are located in the small house. There is the option to rent the whole house. It has a chimney, dining room, kitchen, social bathroom.

A broad range of activities are available, from horseback riding while experiencing the culture of the Chagra (the Ecuadorian highland cowboy), dining in a traditional straw-roofed farmhouse, camping in small valleys hidden between mountain folds, trekking around the premises enjoying the magnificent scenery, climbing impressive peaks immersed in an awe-inspiring landscapes. At the farmhouse you will have the chance to participate in the daily life of the haciendas or relax in front of a crackling fire.

Hacienda El Porvenir is located one and a half hours from Quito, on the slopes of Rumiñahui Volcano, and is a mere four kilometers from the northern entrance of Cotopaxi National Park.

Located at 3600 m (11808 ft), in a breath taking valley, El Porvenir is surrounded by four volcanoes, amongst them Cotopaxi.

Environment and Conservation
The Hacienda is certified by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ecuadorian Association of Ecotourism, as a company committed to the preservation of the environment, committed to preserve one of the most beautiful places on the planet for personal benefit and that of future generations. Conservation and sustainable development projects include reforestation programs, supporting education through volunteer work, building local community libraries, forming ecology clubs with school children, no-burning forest campaigns, wetland protection, volcanic risk management and waste management. In addition, participation in the Paramo Foundation focuses on the conservation and protection of the “páramo” ecosystem. During the last 10 years, important projects with well thought out strategies have been implemented in the Cotopaxi National Park and it's surrounding areas.