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Plan B....
Ecuador Aug '12: Road Trip Anyone...?!

Injuring myself and not being able to walk around was not in my plan for this vacation. Once back with our friends we were supposed to visit the Historic District in Quito, take a day trip to Otavalo to see and shop the markets. Perhaps dinner and dancing in La Mariscal...? I hadn't bought any souvenirs during our road trip. In part because we weren't really at touristy places...we were just IN Ecuador and because it was our plan to do that with our friends...but sometimes plans change.

Thankfully, this knee injury didn't happen at the beginning or middle of our trip. If it had...I would have missed out on so very much. At least we were now in one place for next few days and I could keep my leg elevated and iced with friends to help. Aaron picked up some crutches (not a souvenir I wanted) which made it possible to get around a little bit. We did take a trip to Parque Metropolitano Saturday afternoon. You might say that Parque Metropolitano is the equivalent to Central Park in New York City with many different sites to see or things to do. Again, because I'm not very mobile and in a lot of pain...I made my way as far as a cafe to visit with Maria while the boys and family dog took in the sites. After lunch we spent the rest of the evening at their home enjoying good company, good food and for me...staying off my feet and seriously swollen knee. Now, just so you don't wonder if I should have been seeking medical attention...I was certain I knew what had happened and there wasn't anything more that could be done. The best medicine was rest, ice and ibuprofen.