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Atacames, Isla Bonita
Ecuadorian Highlands and Beaches

This morning we slept in late, which around here means anything after 8 AM. We had a nice breakfast at the Hotel Marimba and then headed south to Muisne and Playa Bonita. When looking for a safe place to park the car, Marcelo quickly noticed that one of the muchachos that was directing us to the parking space had been a guide for him and a group of his students from Quito a few months earlier. It's always nice when you run into someone you've worked with before and you feel that you can trust. Marcelo is a good judge of who to trust and who not to. Once we parked and grabbed our daypacks, we went to Isla Bonita by motorboat. We immediately bought some coconuts and drank the juice from and straw and then relaxed on the beach, read a book, and played in the ocean. Just what we had in mind for the day.