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Day 8
Galapagos Honeymoon

Espanola is for lovers! At least for that Galapagos symbol of love. The ever graceful albotross. Have you ever seen an albatross land? There could be reels of blooper footage focused on this one act. And, these birds are huge! HUGE! I don't know how they get into the air in the first place. If you're lucky you will get to see them dance. If you're really lucky you won't break an ankle while doing so. I loved it! I mean, I do have a compromised ankle from my youth, but that's not stopping me from jumping from one boulder to the next. I was having so much fun on the boulders, that I lost my group. At least I still had my husband. And, as it turned out, alone, we caught glimpse of the elusive Galapagos Hawk. Espanola really is for lovers.