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First day in Guayaquil
Galapagos Multi Sport Adventure

Brimming with excitement to get the adventure off on time we woke up at 5 AM and drove to the airport, JFK, bright and early. We selected to fly into Guayaquil since there was a direct flight on LAN, which turned out to be a very good airline. Most of our tour members flew into Quito, but we figured that since Guayaquil was the departure point for Galapagos the next day, it would be better which we're still not sure of. There's probably more to see in Quito. Our flight was about 7 hours and amazingly we linked up with our son, Russell when we landed in Guayaquil. Amazing since Russ left SF airport @ 1 AM and had 4 stops before arriving at Gualaquil; and his luggage arrived with him too! We stayed right in town at the Guayaquil Grand Hotel and walked around town to the new boardwalk area by the ocean. Not much to see but we were tired and hit the covers early that night.