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Happy Halloween!
Mother-Daughter trip to Galapagos and Ecuador

Our last morning in the Galapagos, but unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to do anything. We headed across the island where we caught the short ferry to Baltra, then our bus to the airport. I was amazed how well Fabricio kept us all together, and managed our entire luggage as well. The airport was pretty chaotic, but he just took care of everything for us, and after a short wait, we said our goodbyes. It felt like saying goodbye to family after the week we had all spent together.

Seeing as it is Halloween, my mom and I went out to dinner with Nancy and Scott, and it happened to also be a semi-holiday, to celebrate happiness in Quito. So, we found a tapas bar in the Plaza Foche, and listened to live music in the plaza while we ate 15 different tapas and drank delicious wine from Argentina. What a great way to spend Halloween! Even though we weren’t dressed up, we did wear little masks we bought on the street and celebrated in our own way.