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Mother-Daughter trip to Galapagos and Ecuador

We woke early this morning to catch our little 12-seater flight to Isabela. After we landed we headed to our hotel and then off to get our bikes for our next adventure. Unfortunately, this was the most we have seen the sun, and it was a pretty hot bike ride. But the ride was beautiful! We saw lots of marine iguanas along the way. We rode next to the beach for quite a while, and then started climbing until we reached the trail to the wall of tears. The wall was built by prisoners who once occupied the islands. After our bike ride and a hearty lunch, we met and walked to the dock to catch a boat to our last snorkel spot. The water was a little murky, but we still saw tons of fish, a manta ray, and some sea lions to play with! Exhausted after another busy day, we all went to bed pretty early today.