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Hikes on the Islands - And the Birds
Our Trip to Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos

Every day was a different island. Every island had its own unique look and its own particular inhabitants. Every island had a bird population, although some of the islands had many more birds than others. I wish I had spent more time studying the birds and writing down their names and descriptions. I did however take many pictures and even if I don't know the names of the birds I will always be able to look at the pictures and appreciate them.

As a general statement, I would say that if you are planning to visit the Galapagos it would be much to your advantage to read as much as you can about the islands and as much as you can about Charles Darwin and his adventures. I read a little bit, but in hindsight I wish I had read much more. By getting a background about the Galapagos you will feel more at home with the knowledge you receive on your trip.

Let me tell you about to the most interesting and outstanding birds on this island. One is the Frigatebird; the other is the Blue-footed Booby.

The frigatebird: a large black bird that has the reputation of stealing food from other birds. Yes, the frigate bird does that but it also fends for itself. The male bird has a large red pouch on its neck that it inflates to a huge size when trying to attract a female. It is a sight to see; look at my photos.

The blue-footed booby: just as its name implies has large blue feet. Have you ever seen a bird with large blue feet? Probably not! These birds are not only unusual, they are unbelievable fishermen. They dive from extreme altitudes at breakneck speed deep into the sea to catch their prey. You must witness this.