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The Amazon grounds of Sacha Lodge on an Ecuador trip

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The Ecuadorian Amazon hosts some of the world's most impressive biodiversity, including a rainbow of birds and fascinating monkeys. Travelers to this remote corner of the world will have the opportunity to experience what life is like in the verdant jungle that blankets a huge portion of the South American continent. Go on hikes at night to explore the rainforest as its nocturnal life composes a chorus of calls. Kayak the blackwater lakes where the caiman crocodiles patrol eerily through the water. Try your luck at fishing for piranhas. Or if you really want the Amazon experience, then visit a local indigenous community, where you will learn about their way of life, their customs & traditions, and perhaps even try their cuisine or use a blowdart gun. The possibilities are endless on an Amazon vacation. Contact us now.

Travel Guide to Ecuador's Amazon

What to do in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest
The highlight of any rainforest tour is definitely the wildlife. It is said that there is more biodiversity in one square mile of the Amazon than in all of North America. Here are some of the best ways to witness that on your Amazon tour:
  • Go bird watching or monkey spotting – night or day, you're sure to see an eclectic mix of these fascinating creatures.
  • Kayak alongside pink river dolphins, piranhas, and caiman crocodiles.
  • Hike through the jungle or head into the canopy to see a whole new variety of life.
  • Visit a local indigenous community and learn about their unique way of life.

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