Western Islands Cruise

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Sea lion coming in from a swim
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Lava tubes on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
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with the sun bathing iguanas
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Kids loving Santa Cruz Island
A pair of friendly sea lions
Comfy deck of the Tip Top III.
Bar area aboard the Tip Top III.
This Galapagos cruise takes you beyond the highlights of the western islands with 8 days of exploration and adventure! This cruise features some of the most sought after destinations in this region. Enjoy the company of friendly sea lions while snorkeling and make friends with the gentle giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station. These islands are rich with an abundance of wildlife both in and out of the ocean including flamingos, iguanas, sea turtles, rays, and reef sharks. There is an endless list of activities to make this the most memorable trip ever.

Day 1

Baltra - Santa Cruz Island

A guide will be waiting to escort you to the bus after your arrival at the airport in Baltra. After a short bus ride to the pier, you will board the yacht. There is a short introduction and a nice snack before disembarking on Playa Las Bachas. This is an excellent location for witnessing the wonder of the Flamingo Lagoon. The guide will always explain the details about the lives of the birds and animals when you are enjoying one of the sightseeing walks. Take some time to do some swimming and snorkeling if you are in the mood. Later, back on the yacht, enjoy a short lecture about the Galapagos Islands' origin and evolution followed by a welcome cocktail and dinner.

Day 2

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santiago - Bartolome

Start the day with an excursion to Sullivan Bay, which is a perfect place to get a feel of the volcanic origin of these islands. Observe the beauty of the landscape and wildlife that make their homes here. Feel free to continue exploring with some relaxing snorkeling or just take a nice swim.

In the afternoon, make a dry landing on Bartolomé Island. Hike to the summit where there will be many chances to observe colonies of marine iguanas and lava lizards. On the summit, see an impressive view of the surrounding islands and the splendor of the unique eroded tuff cone of Pinnacle Rock.

Day 3

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


The morning will begin with a dry landing on Prince Phillips’s Steps. This is a great location for observing the various birds here going about their daily routine. After a nice lunch, head on over to Darwin Bay to walk and observe frigatebirds, herons, mockingbirds, boobies, shorebirds, turtles, and marine iguanas. There is an plethora of unique animal life at this location that is a must while touring the Galapagos. Have a chance to participate in some excellent kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming, and then head back to the ship for a delicious dinner.

Day 4

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


The morning begins with a trip to James Bay (Puerto Egas) where there are opportunities to observe sponges, snails, hermit crabs, a variety of shore birds, and barnacles. There are also other interesting creatures on this island including the endemic four-eyed blenny, marine iguanas, and sea lions, which are all a treat to observe. Enjoy many activities while at this location including kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming.

After lunch, navigate around Buccaneer Cove (Caleta Bucanero), an area of steep cliffs and dark beaches. Several species of seabirds use the cliffs and pinnacle here as nesting areas. This was a popular place for 17th & 18th century buccaneers to careen their vessels. Enjoy some fun water activities before making a wet landing and walking along a coastal trail to visit the abandoned Salt Mines.

Day 5

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Isabela - Fernandina

In the morning visit Punta Vicente Roca to observe plenty of sea lions, marine iguanas, blue-footed and masked boobies, and flightless cormorants. Enjoy some swimming and snorkeling.

Make a dry landing on Punta Espinoza to observe and see a large colony of sea lions, marine iguanas, and the flightless cormorants. The unique landscape here is covered with clumps of lava cactus. Return to the yacht for dinner and our nightly orientation.

Day 6

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Start out the day by taking a trip to Urbina Bay. Enjoy the beautiful coral area located here and have a chance to observe land iguanas, flightless cormorants, and giant tortoises. Witness these amazing creatures in their natural environment. Then take a panga ride around Tagus Cove, which is a protected cove between the shoulders of two volcanic craters that keep it safe from the open sea. This is a great place to observe penguins of the Galapagos, marine iguanas, sea lions, and a variety of birds. Amongst this variety of bird life are flightless cormorants and blue footed boobies. After the chance to enjoy some water activities and lunch, take a panga ride around the islets of Elizabeth Bay. Here there are opportunities to see marine iguanas, penguins, marine turtles, seabirds and shorebirds, herons, and blue-footed boobies that inhabit this area.

Day 7

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


The first stop of the day is to the islet of Las Tintoreras. The small bay is made up of completely calm turquoise waters where there are hundreds of marine iguanas, sea turtles, sea lions, Galapagos penguins, rays, and white tip sharks. Next head to Sierra Negra Volcano, which is considered the oldest of the volcanoes on Isabela. The crater of Sierra Negra is 10 km in diameter and is the second largest in the world. The sulfur, iron, and cooled magma make a colorful landscape.

A bus ride will take you to the highlands of Isabela next, starting at “Paradero Sierra Negra”. From here, take a walk through slopes of the volcano. There is also the option to do it by horseback. The trail leads us to Volcan Chico which last erupted in 1979 and is composed of scum and lava. Witness an amazing view of the area north of the island and if the day is clear, there is an outstanding view of the island of Perry Isthmus. Formations of petrified lava of many different colors and textures and fumaroles are scattered throughout this area.

The afternoon starts with a trip to the Breeding Center. Many tortoises of different ages and sizes can be observed at the breeding center. They range from three inches as hatchlings to four feet. This visit also provides travelers the chance to learn about the reproduction of the giant tortoises. Shortly after, make a visit to the historically significant Wall of Tears. This site was a penal colony for 13 years. Here the prisoners built a wall with huge blocks of lava as punishment. Observe lava lizards, Galapagos finches, and hawks at this location before moving on to the Humedales, which is a wetland that consists of lagoons, mangrove species, flamingos and numerous migratory birds.

Day 8

  • Breakfast

Santa Cruz Island - Baltra

Make an early visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station and its Interpretive Center. The scientific research and environmental education being practiced here helps with conserving the natural beauty of the Galapagos. The bus will take you to the airport in Baltra for your return to the mainland.

All itineraries are subject to change due to weather or changes by the National Park Service or yacht operator.
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10% discount for children under age 12 at time of Galapagos cruise.
Children under 12 receive a discount of $135 off adult flight rates, and discounted Galapagos Entrance Fee of $50


  • Accommodations on board Tip Top III based on double occupancy
  • Meals while in the Galapagos
  • Bilingual Naturalist Guide
  • Shore Excursions
  • Swimming and Snorkeling
  • Adventure Life Pre-departure Services and In-Country Assistance (Quito Representative)
  • Transfers and Baggage Handling in the Galapagos
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Sea Kayaking


  • Airfare (see Galapagos Flights)
  • Quito/Guayaquil Hotel and Transfers
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • $100 Galapagos Park Fee
  • $35 Galapagos Transit Card and Airport Assistance
  • $45 International Departure Tax
  • Wetsuits available: $35 for 4-day cruises, $40 for 5-day cruises, $50 for 8-day cruises, $75 for 11-day cruises, $80 for 15-day cruises
  • Gratuities and drinks aboard the ship
  • Travel Insurance

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