Western Islands Cruise

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John Collins
Giant tortoise on Isabela
Snorkeling in the Galapagos.
DarAnne Dunning
Group of Sally Lightfoot crabs headed for dry land in the Galapagos Islands
DarAnne Dunning
Group of iguanas on Fernandina island in the Galapagos
Erin Correia
Blue footed booby
John Collins
Lava cactus on Fernandina Island
Barbara Holmes
Giant Tortoise on Santa Cruz
Enjoy this 8-day cruise through the western islands of the Galapagos. Get ready to see an abundance of unique wildlife including flamingos, frigate birds, iguanas, and enjoy some friendly interaction with the island's playful sea lions. Highlights of the west include beautiful Santa Cruz, wildlife-rich Isabela, cliff-laden Fernandina, and the amazing black beaches of Santiago. The wildlife here is abundant and the landscape is stunning to behold, making this an incredible vacation.

Day 1

San Cristobal

San Cristobal is the easternmost island in the Galapagos archipelago and, geologically, one of the oldest. Spot nesting colonies of frigatebirds and cruise around Kicker Rock, a cone formation which rises nearly 500 feet out of the sea.

Day 2

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Visit Genovesa, a shield volcano. Rich in birdlife, Genovesa stretches about five miles and is filled with salt water. Hike up Prince Philip's Steps to get an extraordinary view of the island.

Day 3

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz Island

Travel by bus to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. Watch as the scenery changes, eventually covering each of the seven vegetation zones. Visit Las Primicias, a private farm where you can encounter giant tortoises in their natural habitat. Stop at "the tunnels", the largest lava tubes found in Galapagos.

In the afternoon, visit Los Gemelos and the Charles Darwin Research Station. See the three tortoise corals and breeding center with new hatchlings and miniature tortoises not yet ready to be repatriated.

Day 4

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Fernandina - Isabela

Explore the island of Fernandina, the youngest of the Galapagos Islands. An active shield volcano which last erupted in 2009, the island is mostly rocky and not hospitable to animals. Watch oystercatchers and sally light-foot crabs skirt across the rocks.

In the afternoon, sail for Isabela.

Day 5

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Striding the equator, Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands and features flora and fauna which is impossible to compare to anything else. Home to more wild tortoises than any of the other islands, Isabela entrances travelers with its close encounters.

Day 6

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santiago - Rabida

The island of Rábida is covered with red volcanic rocks surrounding a beautiful red sand beach. At this location there is a colony of sea lions and a pelican nesting site. Follow the trail thats leads to a salt water lagoon where you can view various types of shore birds. Rábida is considered to be one of the best snorkeling sites in the Galapagos Islands, so enjoy the opportunity to go snorkel.

Day 7

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Santa Cruz Island

Return to Santa Cruz for snorkeling and sun.

Day 8

  • Breakfast

San Cristobal

Spend a few hours in port before transferring to the airport for your connection to the mainland.

All itineraries are subject to change due to weather or changes by the National Park Service or yacht operator.
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7 day cruises may be offered during non-peak season dates at a 10% discount. Please inquire about availability.
7 day cruises may be offered during non-peak season dates at a 10% discount. Please inquire about availability.
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  • Accommodations on board Eric & Letty based on double occupancy
  • Meals while in the Galapagos
  • Bilingual Naturalist Guide
  • Shore Excursions
  • Swimming and Snorkeling
  • Adventure Life Pre-departure Services and In-Country Assistance (Quito Representative)
  • Transfers and Baggage Handling in the Galapagos
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Sea Kayaking


  • Airfare (see Galapagos Flights)
  • Quito/Guayaquil Hotel and Transfers
  • $100 Galapagos Park Fee
  • $35 Galapagos Transit Card and Airport Assistance
  • $45 International Departure Tax
  • Wetsuits are available free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. Reserve a suit for your exclusive use for $25
  • Gratuities and drinks aboard the ship
  • Travel Insurance

Galapagos Flights

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