Hotel Silberstein

Hotel Silberstein
Hotel Silberstein is located in Puerto Ayora on the Island of Santa Cruz, five minutes walk to Charles Darwin Scientific Station and 50 Mts. to the sea.

Coming by air from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island airport, the passengers will take the bus to Itabaca Channel which is crossed by a ferry to the north of Santa Cruz Island.

Traveling by bus from north to south you will observe within 42 km. seven different types of micro climates which extend from the sea level up to the highlands reaching interesting desert-like places, wet regions, and finally reaching Puerto Ayora and Hotel Silberstein.

At the beginning of the 20th century, members of the Angermeyer family arrived on the islands and established the Residential Hotel Angermeyer. Surrounded by a beautiful garden it was an information center for tourists willing to get to learn about the secrets of the Enchanted Islands. Now, it offers a great home base for a land based Galapagos tour.

The new owners, Werner Silberstein and his wife Gabriele, of German origin, kept the name of Hotel Angermeyer for some time, maintaining the traditional hospitality with modern service, ready to provide you accommodation with full board at a high standard in a natural paradise. Today the hotel is named Hotel Silberstein and continues giving you the possibility to explore the precious treasures of the Galapagos Islands in different ways. It will surely be a unique experience to be overwhelmed by the jewels of the underwater world or to visit the different islands on a cruise. You will have the possibility to spend perfect holidays in which you can both explore the beauty of this natural paradise and stay in the unique Hotel Silberstein.

Hotel Silberstein offers you 22 beautiful rooms, surrounded by a magnificent subtropical garden with a small pool. Furthermore, the hotel provides a coffee bar and a restaurant as well as laundry service.

Hotel Silberstein is one of the first hotels on the Galapagos Islands with an own diving center in cooperation with the well-known diving agency Extra Divers. You will see a wonderful underwater world that you won't find anywhere else in the world.


Hotel Silberstein has its own restaurant where you are served typical Ecuadorian as well as international food. Traditional Ceviche, French Filet Mignon or any other delicious dishes, make your choice and enjoy it! Sit in the outdoor cafe next to the beautiful, covered restaurant in the shade of trees. It is not only open to guests but also to those of other hotels. You can have a drink, a cocktail or something to eat outside, next to the waterfall in the swimming pool or simply enjoy relaxing in the sun or reading a book. The bar, situated in the garden will provide you with everything you need.