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The Blue-Footed Booby

The Booby is a very entertaining bird especially during courtship. In order to attract a female or ask for sex from his partner, the male will perform a dance called the “Booby two-step.”

As the male is performing this dance by lifting up one foot then the other, spreading out his wings, baring his chest, and squawking; the female will pretend to not pay any attention and kinda do a sideways glance at the male with a look of boredom. Then the male will realize that it is not working and will go and present her with a gift, then wait to see if she accepts or rejects it. For the most part, the gift is rejected the male will have to start all over again doing the “Booby two-step” and giving gifts. This routine will go on for up to an hour or more until the female finally accepts the gifts and will allow the male to have sex with her (lasting only 3 to 5 seconds). Now I can only just imagine what you ladies are thinking at this time, but put the shoe on the other foot and think about how much work we men have to do for a little sex.

The other famous creatures found in the Galapagos are the land turtles. These turtles can get as big as 500 lbs and can live to be a few hundred years old. They are very gentle and laid back.