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Bartolome to Santa Cruz
Machu Picchu and Galapagos

Beautiful Island. Gold sand beach. First there is a 376 step climb up to the summit over a lava landscape that looks like the moon. At the top you are rewarded with a spectacular 360 degree view of rock formations, volcanic craters and the beach. A view most often photographed in the Galapagos.

Once back to the beach, we are rewarded with some of the best snorkeling. Then on the zodiac ride back to the ship, we get escorted by a pod of dolphins!

We sail during lunch to Santa Cruz and then have a zodiac ride through a mangrove swamp. LOTS of sharks, and turtles. Great views of diving pelicans and boobies.

We finish the day with an Ecuadorian BBQ and a crossing the equator party.