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Bartolome and North Seymore
Quito and Galapagos

See picture in album of gang before we started our 360 steps up to the top of Pinnacle Rock. They tell you it's 360 steps to the top, but that is actual stair steps not including the other walking you do to get there, but it is worth getting to the top. Blue-footed boobies are diving again, you wonder do they have a headache when they get through. North Seymore brings the magnificent frigatebirds and the male's red necks that he puffs up to impress the ladies. The afternoon bought our last snorkeling trip but oh what a trip. We swam with sea turtles and penguins and sea lions and so much more underwater life. Getting back on the zodiac was fun since one of the sea lions had gotten on board and wanted a ride. The last night was fun as it was Jim's 60th birthday and the crew was there to help celebrate with a birthday cake and wine. It also was a sad night as we all knew this was our last night together.