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Tortoises, Penguins & Sea Lions, Oh My!

After breakfast with Brownie, Simon and I were off to Cotopaxi. It was a three-hour drive through the city and then up to 14,000 feet. We hiked to 16,000 feet in about 45 mintues. After being at sea-level the day before, the altitude change was quite a shock. Only 50% of those attempting actually make it. We did make it, through the rain and freezing rain, with rapidly beating hearts. Because of the weather we didn’t have much of a view, but it was still great to have made it. Simon and I had brought coats, but nothing warm enough. Fortunately, I was able to fit into the coat and hat of the 13 year old boy on the trip and Simon fit into another group member’s coat. We are very grateful to them for that clothing! We made it back down to 14,000 ft. in 10 minutes!
Once back in Quito, we met up with the members of our group that remained and headed for dinner and a walk. After a sad farewell, we were off to bed.