Hotel Silberstein

Start your Galapagos tour with an educational twist by visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center, only a five-minute leisurely walk from your hotel. Dolphins and manta rays may provide a little extra company during optional yacht excursions around Santa Cruz’s South Plaza, where the sheer cliffs come alive with frigate birds, masked boobies, and swallow-tailed gulls. The striking black lava beaches of North Seymour Island welcome you as you explore the largest frigate bird colony found within the Galapagos archipelago. Next, your adventure may take you to the Santa Cruz Highlands, which is home to a number of giant tortoise subspecies, lava tubes, and craters. Be sure to explore Sante Fe Island, where you can enjoy snorkeling in the clear, radiant green waters or hunting for the Sante Fe land iguanas among the Opuntia Cactus. On Floreana feel free to search for mail from your homeland at Post Office Bay, snorkel in its underwater paradise, or simply watch a solitary flamingo foraging for crustaceans. The Hotel Silberstein and the Galapagos Islands await you!

Day 1

Arrive Quito


Day 2

Flight from Quito to Baltra (Santa Cruz)

A flight from Quito and a bus and ferry from Baltra take you to Puerto Ayora, a small and vibrant community on Santa Cruz Island. Puerto Ayora is dotted with colorful homes and the pangas of local fishermen. It is also home to the renowned Charles Darwin Research Station. The entrance to the Station is literally steps away from the front door of Hotel Silberstein.

In the afternoon you can nap in your air-conditioned hotel room or meander the friendly streets of Puerto Ayora. A walk into the Charles Darwin Research Station allows you to visit with the oldest and largest tortoises in the Galapagos Archipelago. You can also see baby tortoises the size of skipping stones. In the evening dinner will be served at the hotel, starting with a welcome drink.

Days 3-8

  • Hotel
  • 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 Dinners


The Hotel Silberstein allows you to explore the precious treasures of the Galapagos Islands in many different ways. A variety of island visits will be offered during your stay; choose to investigate this diverse marine environment by partaking in daily yacht excursions to such islands as South Plaza, North Seymour, Bartolome, Santa Fe, or Floreana. Literally delve into the Galapagos’s famous underwater marine world by engaging in snorkeling or scuba diving options.

Land-based tours to the Santa Cruz Highlands or a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Center are sure to captivate even the toughest critic. Come spend an exciting holiday exploring the beauty of this natural paradise with a stay at the unique Hotel Silberstein.

Click here for a sample itinerary during your stay in the Galapagos at the Hotel Silberstein.

Day 9

Return flight to Quito

Today, fly back to Quito and overnight.

Day 10

  • Breakfast

Return Home

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Tour Cost
Internal Flights (Quito-Galapagos-Quito)
Flight cost is subject to change
Total Cost (USD)


$1,095 single supplement


  • 9 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners
  • 9 Nights Accommodations
    • 9 Nights Hotel
  • 7 Days Locally Hosted Guide Service
  • Gear Rental
    • Snorkeling gear
  • INGALA Transit Control Card


  • Both International Arrival and Departure Transfers are excluded.
  • International Flights

Recommended Budgeting

  • $40 Meals not Included
  • $55 Airport Departure Tax
  • $110 Park Entrance Fee
    • $100 Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee, $10 Galapagos Park Tax