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Chiminos Island and Petexbatun River
Guatemala Trip March 2009

The next morning we flew to Flores and met our next guide, a Mayan who with great pride asked us to check his profile to determine that he is fully Mayan, not a mixto.
From Flores we drove to the Petexbatun River to travel by small boat down the river to Chiminos Island. As we floated down the river, we saw villages where people live isolated from the rest of the world with no water, power, or life as we know it. The river is their livelihood. They swim, bathe, fish, and drink from the river. We stopped at one of the villages where the owner of the boat had family. At the suggestion of Adventure Life, we had taken pens and pencils to give to the school. The school was one room; the teacher travels down the river twice a week to teach the village children. The teacher was not there, so we left our collection of pens and pencils with a 14-year-old who was going to be responsible for the distribution to the children once the teacher arrived. Children gradually emerged from behind bushes as the word spread of our presence. Kristen was wonderful with the smaller children. They surrounded her as she interacted with them.