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Flores and Tikal
Guatemala Trip March 2009

Using river boat and van (the usual transportation modes) we proceeded to Tikal Archaeological Park to see more Mayan ruins. We were excited for since our arrival in Guatemala, we had been told over and over again by people from many walks of life that until we visited Tikal we had not been to Guatemala. However before entering the park we opted for a side excursion of a zip wire ride above the jungle canopy. Unlike other jungle canopy rides we have done, this one lasted for 45 minutes as we rode from tree to tree. We were with a group of high school students who were all studying to be tour guides. They were delightful and all the young boys wanted their photo taken with Kristen. At one point Art and I each had 3-4 cameras in our hands as one boy after another asked us to take his photo with Kristen.