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Antigua, the Santa Fe of Guatemala
Jaguars, banditos, and earthquakes, oh my!

We received an insightful historical account of the city, visited the churches of Antigua, and toured the jade museum. Antigua is a beautiful city filled with interesting shops and restaurants, as well as its own local market with goods of every description. We traveled to the Volcano Pacaya, rode horses up to the lava flow and hiked down. I intended to ask the caballero if my horse was tired (cansado) after the trip, but I think I asked if he was married (casado). I’m quite certain that Hawaii prohibits visitors to be near lava flows. Glowing hunks would crackle as they broke away and fell toward us, heating the air to sauna temperatures. At one point while enjoying the view, my leg became so hot that I thought my pant leg had caught fire. How’s that for up close adventure?