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Life around the Lake
Jaguars, banditos, and earthquakes, oh my!

After a day of bargaining, we relaxed by borrowing a canoe from the hotel to paddle around the Lake Atitlan. We saw men snorkeling and spear fishing for black bass. While paddling along the shoreline, we saw Mayan villagers washing clothes, dishes, and themselves. Makes the need for “agua pura” obvious. We managed to return to the hotel just before an impending rainstorm but the hotel lost power. We later learned that the entire country was without electricity for two hours. Our guide informed us that a severe storm generated lightening that struck a power station serving both coasts! While at our hotel, we met an electrician who lives in the town half of the year, but his home in the States is a just a few miles from us, in Tulsa, OK. What are the chances? It is a small world after all.