Indonesia & The Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Pura Ulun Danu temple, Bali
Adventure Life
A fishing boat off the coast
Adventure Life
Snorkle off of Cairns, the gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Adventure Life
North Australian bush
Kangaroos on a tour of the Australian countryside
Stunning views from the bar and lounge
Erick Larrieu
Relax on the deck of the L'Austral.
Your journey to Australia begins in Bali. This magical island paradise set atop turquoise waters is your first stop. Sail to the Maluku Islands before making your way south to the island-continent of Australia. Aboard L'Austral, discover the treasures of Indonesia including its superb beaches, terraced paddy fields, and lively culture. Arriving in Australia, you are sure to be amazed by its majestic landscapes - a world of light and color.

Day 1

    Embark in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

    The "Island of Gods" is a constant source of charm and timeless beauty. Located at the Western tip of the Sunda Islands, between Java and Lombok, it is renowned for its artistic development in areas as varied as classical dance, sculpture, painting, leather and metal working. Bali has superb beaches, imposing volcanic hillsides covered with forest, terraced paddy fields that make the light dance, a lively and authentic culturem and a remarkably friendly population. Embark your ship today between 4 and 5 PM this afternoon.

    Day 2

      Pero Beach / Sumba, Indonesia

      Sumba is an island located in eastern Indonesia, in the province of East Nusa Tenggara among the Lesser Sunda Islands. Historically, this island was known as Sandalwood Island for its main export. Despite contact with western cultures, Sumba is one of the few places in the world in which megalithic burials are used as a 'living tradition' to inter prominent individuals when they die. Burial in megaliths is a practice that was used in many parts of the world during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, but has survived to this day in Sumba. Another long-lasting tradition is the sometimes lethal game of pasola, in which teams of horse-riders fight with spears. Sumba has long been known for the ikat woven cloth, particularly very detailed hand-woven ikat, which is prepared on the island. The process of preparing hand-woven ikat is labor-intensive and one piece can take months to prepare. Details about your optional excursions in port are forthcoming.

      Day 3

        Komodo, Indonesia

        On the remote island of Komodo, the eye can feast on a landscape of savannah and mangrove. A protected natural reserve, it is home to the largest lizards still walking the Earth, distant cousins of the dinosaurs: The Monitor Lizards of Komodo - the Komodo Dragons. Do not miss the visit to the Komodo National Park, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. These volcanic islands are inhabited by roughly 5,700 giant lizards, known as “Komodo Dragons.” These reptiles are found nowhere else on earth, so they present a huge scientific interest for the study of evolution. The rocky hills covered with a dry savannah scattered with thorn bushes offer an extraordinary contrast with the brilliant white beaches and blue waves breaking on the primitive coral.

        Day 4

          Larentuka / Flores, Indonesia

          The little port of Larantuka is nestled around the base of the Ili Mandiri volcano on the eastern end of Flores, and is separated by a narrow strait from the islands of Solor and Adonara. Like much of the region, Larantuka has a strong colonial Portuguese influence. The whole area, particularly outside the towns, fascinates anthropologists because of a complex social and ritual structure which in some parts survives pretty well intact. This corner of Indonesia, though always isolated, was one of the first parts of the archipelago to attract European interest. Lying on sea routes used by Portuguese seeking sandalwood from Timor, the Laratuka-Solor area saw Portuguese forts and over 20 Dominican missions being built by 1575. Choose from two optional excursions from this port: visit a local school and attend a welcome ceremony, or alternatively visit a local market and watch a wedding ceremony.

          Day 5

            Alor / East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

            Spend today among the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. The Alor archipelago is located in the southeastern region of Indonesia. The volcanic island is known for its remarkable snorkeling and diving opportunities. The East Nusa Tenggara region is host to beautiful beaches. Your excursions today are still being finalized.

            Day 6

              At Sea

              On your day at sea, take advantage of your ship's amenities. Spend time on deck looking for seabirds, open your book, or simply relax as you prepare for the next leg of your journey.

              Day 7

                Banda Neira / Moluccas, Indonesia

                The Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas, are an Indonesian archipelago composed of a thousand islands and islets scattered over 1,200 km, with idyllic landscapes of mountains and volcanic cones which are just as magical as ever. When your ship stops here, set out to discover these faraway islands where people still live at an unhurried pace, close to nature, in the shade of the clove and nutmeg trees that brought wealth to these islands in times past. From coral gardens to impenetrable forests, long ribbons of deserted beaches and vestiges of fortresses from another era, do not miss these landscapes of a thousand colors, where guava, mango and coconut trees heavy with fruit add a tropical paradise flavor to your trip. Details of your excursions in Banda Neira are forthcoming.

                Day 8

                  Air Terjun / Kai Besar / Molukkas, Indonesia

                  Continue through the Maluku Islands today as you visit Air Terjun and Kai Besar. Historically, these islands have been considered among the "Spice Islands." Details about your excursions here are still being finalized.

                  Day 9

                    Triton Bay & Bitsyari Bay, Indonesia

                    Known for its incredible reefs and marine life, Triton Bay offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. More information about your stop here as well as your stop in Bitsyari Bay are forthcoming.

                    Day 10

                      At Sea

                      Relax as you continue to sail through Indonesia and prepare for your last stop in this extensive archipelago.

                      Day 11

                        Agats, Indonesia

                        Agats enjoys a unique location on the Aswet Estuary. Because of the tides in this region, its streets are raised boardwalks. The island's Museum Kebudayaan dan Kemajuan Asmat contains an extensive collection of Asmat art and artifacts. Details of your excursions in port are still being finalized.

                        Day 12

                          At Sea

                          You have a last day at sea as your ship sails southward to Australia. Reflect on your time in Indonesia as you look forward to the final leg of your journey.

                          Day 13

                            Thursday Island / Cape York, Australia

                            Thursday Island is the administrative center of the Torres Strait Islands, lying about 24 miles off the Cape York Peninsula at the far northern tip of Queensland. Birdwatching, hiking, and Aboriginal rock paintings are among the attractions you may participate in on your visit here. Your itinerary for this day's adventures is being finalized.

                            Day 14

                              Creech Reef, Australia

                              Discover the world's largest coral reef system: the Great Barrier Reef and its myriad islands and islets bathing in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Stretching out over 2,300 km and home to 400 coral species and 1,500 fish species, the reef offers spectacularly beautiful and varied scenery. Its high concentration of species has earned it an international reputation as an excellent spot for scuba diving. Its neon fish, clown fish, sponges and other crustaceans make this ecosystem one of a kind. Creech Reef is among the best snorkeling and diving areas of the Great Barrier Reef. Although your specific itinerary is being finalized, it is sure to include some time in these incredible underwater worlds.

                              Day 15

                                Lizard Island, Australia

                                Lizard Island is a granite island within the Great Barrier Reef. Now a National Park, the island also hosts a research station and a luxury resort. Details of your excursions here are forthcoming.

                                Day 16

                                  Disembark in Cairns, Australia

                                  With its lagoons and waters ranging from blue, nearly white, to translucent turquoise, Cairns is surely the most exotic colonial city in the world. Following breakfast, disembark your ship and transfer to the airport for your homeward flights.

                                  Please note:
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