Cristalino Jungle Lodge

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Activities at Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Observation Tower - Climb to the top of the two canopy towers to experience a bird's eye view of the many layers of the rainforest. The towers are excellent locations to spot macaws, toucans, cotingas, and monkeys.

Birdwatching - Take a guided tour into the jungle to view the various species of birds which live under the canopy. Ideal for birders, this excursion is a favorite among travelers.

Butterfly Excursion - Join a butterfly specialist to find and photograph butterflies of the region. As the butterflies are only active during the day, this tour takes place between the hours of 9am to 3 pm, May to November.

Hiking Trails - Hike the extensive trail system which surrounds Cristalino Lodge. The hikes take place on a variety of different habitats and trails, introducing travelers to the flora and fauna of the region.