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Hotel Silberstein Excursions

Here is the itinerary for travelers participating in our 8 day/7 Galapagos tour at the Hotel Silberstein:

Day 1: Flight from Quito to Baltra (Santa Cruz)
Departing in Quito, the flight travels via Guayaquil to Baltra and then bus and ferry take you to Puerto Ayora, which is on the island of Santa Cruz. You will be accommodated in the Hotel Silberstein.
In the afternoon it is possible to go for a walk to the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, where the oldest and largest tortoises are being kept. In this unique research programme, which is essentially financed by donations, the attempt is being made to save the various species from dying out. In the evening dinner will be served at the hotel, starting with a welcome drink.

Day 2: Day trip to Plazas
This is a full-day trip on one of our touring yachts. The route takes you along the east coast of Santa Cruz and stops at the island of Plazas. There you have the opportunity to watch the island's marvellous wildlife. As well as sea lions and land or sea iguanas, you will be able to observe the variety of seagulls that inhabit the isle. Lunch is served aboard before the yacht leaves for the hotel, where dinner will be prepared.

Day 3: Day trip to North Seymour
Another full-day trip. Today the yacht leaves for North Seymour, an island that accommodates large colonies of blue-footed boobies ducks and frigate birds. Also many sea lions and frigate birds inhabit this island.
Again lunch is served aboard. For evening dinner the yacht will be back in Puerto Ayora, where you will have dinner in the hotel.

Day 4: Day trip to Bartolome
Today we will do a full-day trip to the Bartolome Island. After climbing up the moon-like surface, right up to the highest point of the island, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Galapagos Islands, the volcanic landscape and especially of Pinnacle Rock, one of Galapagos' most photographed sites.
People swimming on the island's beach are often joined by penguins and, at certain times of the year, by turtles looking for a spot in the soft sand to lay their eggs.

Day 5: Visiting the highlands of Santa Cruz and Tortuga Bay
Travelling by bus, the tour goes up into the highlands of Santa Cruz. On a farm ground in the hills you can normally find the giant "Galapagos" tortoises which gave the islands their name. The following walk is a special experience; the path leads into the lava tunnels that were created when the lava stream cooled down.
After lunch the walk continues down to a beautiful white beach called Tortuga Bay. Here you will see a great variety of seabirds and land iguanas. Back at the hotel, dinner will be served.

Day 6: Day trip to Santa Fe
Santa Fe is characterized by its dry landscape, which is overgrown by opuntia cactuses. This is one of the best places to study land iguanas. The steep paths can be very strenuous and for that reason, many people enjoy cooling down in the hotel's own swimming pool after returning.

Day 7: Day trip to Floreana
Floreana became famous for its "Post Office", a place where in older days pirates used to place their letters in old casks. The one who lived nearest to an address was supposed to deliver the letter. This old custom is still kept alive by many tourists.
The "Devil's Crown" is an almost sunken crater. Only a semicircle of volcano rocks remains above sea-level. These rocks provide a home to breeding colonies of blue-footed boobies and red-beaked tropical birds and are a diver's paradise. Another beautiful nature site is Cormorant Bay. With a dense mangrove belt behind the beach and a tranquil lagoon, it is inhabited by flamingos, bahama ducks and others.

Day 8: Return flight to Quito