Pacuare River

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The Standard hotels are our primary hotel choices in this location, though availability is not guaranteed. If a given hotel is not available for your tour date, we will reserve you a room at a hotel of similar appeal and quality in the same area.

Standard Accommodations

Pacuare Lodge

Tucked away deep in the heart of Costa Rica’s most pristine rainforest environment, on the banks of the Pacuare River, lies the Pacuare Jungle Lodge. Surrounded by nature in its purest and most primitive state, here you will experience that most coveted of travelers’ rewards, an opportunity to savor the spirit of a place.

Welcome to the Pacuare Lodge

Rios Tropicales Lodge

The Rios Tropicales Lodge, located along the Pacuare River, offers a haven for relaxation and immersion in tropical sights and sounds. The clean energy, sustainable lodge offers you a variety of accommodation and activity options.

Rios Tropicales Lodge