Mumbai to Athens Cruise

Adventure Life
A group of camels rests in front of the Giza pyramids
SeaDream Yacht Club
Cruise the crystal waters of the Red Sea
Adventure Life
The ruins of Athens
SeaDream Yacht Club
Wander the architecture of Salala
Adventure Life
Witness the Changing of the Guard in Athens
SeaDream Yacht Club
See the sights from the comfort of the SeaDream II
SeaDream Yacht Club
Relax by the pool as you sail on the SeaDream II
Sail through the legendary Suez Canal on this 16-day cruise from India to Greece. Stop in Oman and Egypt as you sail to grasp the unique history of the region.

Day 1


    Arrive in Mumbai, the glamor capital of India, and board the SeaDream II. Settle in to your cabin and attend a welcome dinner to introduce you to the ship and her crew. Set sail in the evening.

    Days 2-3

      At Sea

      Spend a few days at sea as you sail for the Salalah Peninsula.

      Day 4

        Salalah, Oman

        Explore the historical and beautiful streets of Salalah.

        Days 5-9

          At Sea

          Sail for the coast of Egypt.

          Day 10

            Safaga, Egypt

            Sail for Safaga, named for the red cast of the surrounding mountains, Mare Rostrum ('the Red Sea'). The Red Sea has always been the marine gateway between Europe and Asia. Tea and spice, elephants, and gemstones were traded for European goods across the narrow body, and strong desert winds – currents that still carry thousands of migrating birds back to the shores of the sheltered sea – favored seafarers. Ancient ports have been rediscovered as fine diving and fishing resorts. Port Safaga was established to manage Egypt's phosphate exports, but it has grown into a resort. Disembark the ship to wander the colorful streets and encounter the locals.

            Day 11

              At Sea

              Spend a day at sea as you sail for Suez.

              Day 12


                Arrive at the Suez Canal, the first attempt to link the Egyptian Empire with Asia. Egyptian civilization has always drawn its strength from the fertile Nile Valley, and the overland route to the Red Sea was tantamount to a chokehold on regional prosperity. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a narrow channel was excavated in the 13th century, and even though exact details are lost, perhaps Seti I or Ramses II oversaw the project. Even if it was built, the desert has since reclaimed it.

                Day 13

                  Suez Canal Transit

                  Sail through the Suez Canal on your way to Alexandria.

                  Day 14

                    Alexandria (Cairo)

                    Arrive in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. At its height, the Egyptian Empire dominated most of the known world from Cairo, but Alexander the Great envisioned a new Greek city to serve as his legacy and recognized the natural harbor just west of the Nile Delta for its strategic potential. Alexandria, which serves as modern Egypt's largest port, is an important center of commerce.

                    Day 15

                      At Sea

                      Spend a day at sea as you sail for Greece.

                      Day 16

                        Athens (Piraeus)

                        In the morning, arrive in Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece. One of the world's oldest cities, its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Before transferring to the airport, explore the heritage of the classical era by exploring a number of ancient monuments and works of art, the most famous of all being the Parthenon.

                        - All fares are posted in USD and are based off of double occupancy. Single and triple rates are available upon request.
                        - Cruise fares do not include Governmental, Port, Document Issuance, Handling and Service fees. Please see pricing for additional fees.
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