Journey to the Lands of Gods and Heroes Cruise

Adventure Life
Waves crash against the beaches of Nice, France
Adventure Life
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Adventure Life
The sprawling ruins of Pompeii
Adventure Life
Lighthouses fringe the shores of the Italian Mediterranean
Adventure Life
The city of Bonifacio is built on stunning seaside cliffs along the riviera
Enjoy the views from the lounge ont he Arethusa & Artemis
A relaxing lounge on the Arethusa & Artemis
It is common for guidebooks to speak of the rich and varied history of the Mediterranean and the layers upon layers of civilizations whose remains are preserved here. Discover this history on your 8-day voyage.

Day 1

Arrive Mytilene

Arrive in Mytilene, Greece and embark on the Arethusa.

Day 2

Kusadasi, Turkey

From Kusadasi, travel to Ephesus. Renowned as the center of worship of the mother-goddess Cybele, later known as Artemis, it was also the site where St. Paul addressed the Ephesians.

Excavations continue and archaeologists are restoring the Terrace Houses, which offer a glimpse of daily Ephesian life. See the facade of the Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian, and


Day 3


The historic island of Rhodes was known in antiquity for its

schools of philosophy, rhetoric, and sculpture. Today it boasts one

of Europe’s largest medieval towns. Discover Old Town’s winding

streets and splendid plazas, which owe their 14th-century charm

to the Crusader Knights of St. John. In the lovely village of Lindos,

take a donkey ride or walk up to the acropolis, set on a cliff 400 feet above the sea, with stunning views of the village and bay below. Then explore Lindos on your own or swim in the crystal waters of its white-sand beach

Day 4


Explore on foot this charming town with its whitewashed houses and old Venetian castle. Enjoy swimming at one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

Day 5

Santorini, Greece

In the second millennium b.c., volcanic eruptions shrouded

Santorini (or Phira) in pumice and ash and collapsed the island

into a fractured caldera. This ultimately produced Santorini’s

wild, multihued beauty while sending its Minoan civilization into

irreversible decline. Adults will visit Akrotiri and the Prehistoric

Thera Museum while Young Explorers board a sailboat to Nea Kameni, the island in the center of Santorini’s caldera, and ascend its volcano to learn about the area’s geology. Reunite for

lunch and free time in Phira Town. (

Day 6

Knossos, Crete

Arrive in Crete, once home of the Minoans, Europe’s earliest

developed civilization. From quaint Rethymnon, travel to Knossos

and its fabled Minoan Palace, a maze of frescoed corridors and

chambers showing life as it was 4,000 years ago. It is also home

to the labyrinth of the legendary Minotaur. Also visit the Heraklion

Museum. Alternatively, walk through the scenic Imbros Gorge, ending at the coast, near the 14th-century Venetian castle of

Frangokastello, for a swim.

Day 7


Explore this picturesque coastal village on the Mani peninsula, and the magnificent, partially submerged Diros cave by boat.

Day 8

  • Breakfast


In the morning travel to Olympia, an ancient sanctuary dedicated

to Zeus and located in a lovely, pastoral setting. It is one of four

sites where the Pan-Hellenic Games (the original Olympics) were

held. Tour the sacred area, including the temples of Hera and

Zeus, the Council House, the Treasuries, and the stadium. In the

afternoon relax aboard ship as we cruise the Gulf of Corinth. Young Explorers will participate in a race at the birthplace of the

Olympics. This evening the ship transits the Corinth Canal.

Day 9

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


This morning explore the Acropolis, perhaps the most important

ancient monument in the Western world and where our concept

of democracy was born over 2,500 years ago. The ruins include the majestic Parthenon and the Erectheion. Afternoon at leisure to

explore Athens on you own. Overnight aboard docked in Piraeus.

Day 10

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Disembark in Athens

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