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The city of Bonifacio is built on stunning seaside cliffs along the riviera
Unique tiles decorate the structures of northern Africa.
Ruins on the coast of the Mediterranean.
Rock of Gibraltar
Adventure Life
Portugal city on the river
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In the Western Mediterranean, ancient societies originated, thrived, ruled, and—eventually and inevitably—declined. This spectacular springtime voyage takes travelers to shores that resonate with the legacy of the Phoenicians, the Romans, and the Moors. Embarking from Rome, Corinthian journeys first to Aleria, Corsica’s ancient Roman capital. On Sardinia, explore the once-flourishing Phoenician center of Sant’Antioco, including the old church and its winding catacombs. Enjoy an excursion to Djemila, where some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in North Africa are sited along picturesque mountainsides. Cruising past the Rock of Gibraltar, Corinthian journeys to southern Spain, calling at the old Andalusian port town of Tarifa; Seville, where centuries of influence from various civilizations have left their mark; and the remains of Italica, once the third largest city in the Roman world. The voyage concludes with an excursion to Conimbriga, one of the largest and the best-preserved Roman settlements in Portugal.

Day 1

Rome, Italy / Embark in Civitavecchia

Arrive in Rome. Transfer to Civitavecchia and embark Corinthian. Settle in to your cabin and familiarize yourself with the ship and her crew as you prepare to set sail.

Day 2

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France / Bonifacio or Aleria

Arrive at small Porto Vecchio, located on a fantastic bay. Visit Bonifacio, built on high cliffs on Corsica's south coast. Stroll through the town, admiring the fine Gothic architechture and dramatic scenery from the limestone cliffs faving the sea. Alternatively, drive to Aleria, the ancient Roman capital of Corsica. Explore the remains of the ancient city, built on a gentle slope by a river, an visit the museum, which houses objects from the site.

Day 3

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sant'Antioco Island, Sardinia, Italy / Sulcis

Located off the southwest corner of Sardinia, Sant'Antioco was a flourishing Phoenician center, dating back to the 9th century BC. Explore Sulcis, the Phoenician town, later taken over by the Romans. Also visit the old church of Sant'Antioco, with its catacombs dating from the 2nd to the 7th centuries, which are linked to the Punic underground chambers.

Day 4

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Bejaia, Algeria / Djemila

From Bejaia, take an excursion through impressive countryside to the well-preserved Roman ruins of Djemila. The site includes the Triumphal Arch to Emperor Caracalla, built in AD 216; Grand Baths; market; and Old Forum, featuring stunning friezes and a third-century altar. Also visit the museum, with its collection of superb mosaics and other artifacts.

Day 5

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

At Sea

Spend the day relaxing, taking advantage of on-board amenities, or simply enjoying the fresh Mediterranean sea breeze.

Day 6

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ghazaouet / Tlemcen

Drive to Tlemcen, one of Algeria's finest cities, noted for its cultural and architectural heritage. Experience the 11th-century Great Mosque and the de-consecrated Sidi Bel Hassan Mosque, now housing a museum with mosaics, carvings, and pottery.

Day 7

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Gibraltar is one of the world's great sea landmarks and has been guiding mariners for centuries. After a short tour, enjoy time to explore on your own.

Day 8

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Huelva / Seville / Italica

From Huelva, travel to Seville, one of Europe's most important and affluent maritime cities. Visit the Alcazar, with its charming Murillo Gardens, and the Gothic Cathedral. Also, you may explore the remains of ancient Italica, once the third largest city in the Roman world, or spend time at leisure in Seville.

Day 9

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Portimao, Portugal / Sagres

From the small fishing village of Portimao, travel to Cape Saint Vincent, called Promontorium Sacrum by the Romans, and visit the nearby village of Sagres, where Prince Henry the Navigator founded his famed School of Navigation. Have the afternoon free back in Portimao to stroll down its old cobblestone lanes and see the town's lovely river-front garden and attractive fishing harbor.

Day 10

  • Ship
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Figueira da Foz / Conimbriga / Coimbra

Enjoy a full day excursion to Conimbriga and Coimbra. The ruins of Roman Conimbriga boast nearly intact city walls, an amphitheater, and baths. Afterward stop in Coimbra, Portugal's first royal capital and seat of its university. Visit the Romanesque Cathedral and the University Library.

Day 11

  • Breakfast

Disembark in Lisbon, Portugal

Disembark in Lisbon and transfer to airport to continue your homeward travels.

Cabin Information:
Willing to share cabins often available for solo travelers. Contact us for single occupancy rates if you want a private room.

Program Inclusions:
• 10-night cruise aboard the all-suite, 100-guest Corinthian
• Complete program of tours and excursions
• Private chamber recitals performed by accomplished classical musicians
• Welcome and farewell cocktail receptions aboard ship
• All meals aboard ship including: early riser’s coffee & pastry, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea,and dinner
• Wine with lunch and dinner
• Educational program of lectures and discussions by accompanying study leaders
• Professional tour staff
• Complete pre-departure materials
• Baggage handling and transfers abroad on the designated program arrival and departure dates
• Gratuities to guides and drivers