Rancho San Isidro

Rancho San Isidro
Authentic and charming accomodations
Enjoy a traditional meal at Rancho San Isidro
The sitting area

Nearly 300 miles below the U.S. border lie some of the most rugged and remote areas of northwestern Mexico known as Copper Canyon. Here step backwards in time and visit a culture whose ancient customs are still practiced in their everyday lives today. During your visit to this mystical region enjoy a hospitable stay at the Rancho San Isidro.

Your host family, the Munos', welcome you to the warm and friendly lodge at San Isidro. An excellent home base for visiting the Copper Canyon area, your hosts have lived in the area all their lives and have cultural and family ties to the local Tarahumara Indians. They are dedicated to the conservation of the canyon and the preservation of the way of life and culture of the local Tarahumara.

Get away from it all and enjoy great food, activities and excursions from Rancho San Isidro! This hand-built lodge is full of culture and is situated in a beautiful and picturesque location.

The Main lodge offers a charming full dining room, a comfortable living room and a full-service bar. There are plenty of outdoor relaxation areas where guests can sit back and rest after an exhilarating day in the canyon. Take a short 10 minute walk to the secluded Meditation Cabin overlooking a canyon, facing glorious sunsets and the village lights of Cerocahui far in the distance.

Cabin accommodations are provided in private separate rooms located on two levels. Rooms are lit by oil lamps and candles. Hot water is sourced from a wood-fired boiler and the rooms are heated from either a wood stove or a fireplace. Cozy wool blankets, woven by the Tarahumara, grace the beds. The Rancho San Isidro Lodge uses all purified water, so rest assured that the food will be washed and fresh and your showers will be refreshing!