Hotel Mirador

Hotel Mirador sits on the side of a hill allowing for an incredible view.
All design reflects the Tarahumara Indian influence and culture
The hotel offers 48 luxurious rooms & suites
Each room features a private terrace with some of the finest views of Copper Canyon
All common areas feature stunning views
Enjoy the evening happy hour at the bar
Hotel Mirador boasts unique architecture, perfect for optimizing the Copper Canyon experience
Plenty of spaces to relax
Experience the Tarahumara culture during a stay at Hotel Mirador

Poised like an eagle's nest at the canyon's edge is the Hotel Mirador, located near the highest point of the canyon. Overlooks from this hotel exhibit awe-inspiring scenery from the rim of Copper Canyon. This deluxe hotel is surrounded by pine trees and appears to be etched out of the natural rock itself - perfectly harmonizing with its surroundings.

The Hotel Mirador is actually an extension of the well known Rancho Hotel, housed in a beautiful structure unique in architecture and decor. Each of its 48 luxurious rooms and suites has a private terrace where you can enjoy one of the finest views of the Copper Canyon - a bird watchers paradise. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the lobby areas.

Among the numerous amenities at Hotel Mirador, a gift shop with many items to help make your Copper Canyon stay that much more memorable is located in the lobby. The Tarahumara women weave their baskets out in front of the hotel, ensuring that the best made baskets in the entire canyon system are sold here.

The hotel has stone paths to different nearby sites for the comfort and convenience of all guests. Take a horseback or driving excursion to a Tarahumara Indian village, wander down a path to an inhabited Tarahumara cave dwelling located in the cliffs beneath the hotel, or if you are really adventurous, hike down to the canyon floor - the choice is yours!

Restaurant & Bar
Hotel Mirador hosts a restaurant and bar with elegant and traditional flavor. Delicious and beautifully presented meals await your leisure, and to start each day out right a hearty breakfast buffet is available. Live music will entertain you each evening, and join your fellow guests in the bar for happy hour each evening before dinner.

All accommodations have a very special style and design that reflects the Tarahumara Indian influence and culture. Each of the 48 luxurious rooms and suites have a private tiled bath, two double beds and authentic custom-made furniture. All rooms have a private balcony overlooking the canyon. Many of the rooms include a fireplace, perfect for a chilly canyon evening.

The hotel is located in the prime position to offer a variety of activities, right from the door step. Some of the following options are available:
- A moderate to difficult hike takes you to the Tarahumara Ranch of Wakajipare. Approximately 5 miles round trip, or 4 hours.
- For the more adventurous, a difficult hike will take you to the Urique River, at the bottom of Copper Canyon. Approximately 12 miles round trip, about 16 hours with overnight camping.
- Visit the church and school at the nearby village of Areponapuchic. Visitors are welcome. A one hour easy walk on a gravel road.
- One hour of easy switch-back walking brings you to a Tarahumara Home called Cueva del Chino.
- Trek to El Puerto Overlook of Cooper Canyon and Tararecua Canyon for Tarahumara rancho sites and spectacular views of the canyon, 3 miles round trip or about 2 hours.
- Travel by bus for a three hour tour to the Tarahumara Indian Village of San Alonso, with spectacular views of the Copper Canyon.
- Drive to the Oteros River at the bottom of the Oteros Canyon. You can enjoy swimming, bird watching or just walking, 4-6 hours.
- Visit the Divisadero Overlook of the Tararecua and Copper Canyons. Crafts from all over Mexico are sold here. The village of Areponapuchic is included in the 2 hours tour. Divisadero is also a 4.8 mile round trip walk on the road. 2 and a half hours, amoderate hike.
- Ride to the town of Creel and the valley of the Mushroom Rocks, Lake Arareko, Cusarare Mission, Cusarare Falls and Tarahumara cave homes. 6 hours on all-paved roads.