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Kassi Magruder
Kassi Magruder
Turtle Conservation in Nicaragua
Sunset Ocean View
Kassi Magruder
Jenny Johnston
Musician getting around Granada
View of Granada from the balcony
Bruce Deal
The sun sets behind two travelers enjoying the warm sands of a Nicaragua beach.
Colorful shores of Little Corn Island
Nicaragua Overview
Beautiful Nicaragua is a land of fascinating contrasts. Travelers can hike up live volcanoes, or visit villages dedicated to handicrafts. There are cities of stately grace, including Granada, the …
Adventure Life and the Rainforest Alliance
Working together for Sustainable Travel Adventure Life is the first US-based operator to join the Rainforest Alliance's TOPS (Tour Operators Promoting Sustainability). We have formed an …
The History of Nicaragua
The name Nicaragua comes from Nicarao, the name of a chief of one of the indigenous tribes that lived around Lake Nicaragua in the sixteenth century. When the Spanish arrived in the area they found …
Avenue Of Volcanoes
The western coastal plain of Central America holds a line of active volcanoes running north to south. Nicaragua itself has 19 volcanoes, almost all of them protected in National Parks. Volcan …
Lake Nicaragua and Ometepe Island
Lake Nicaragua is one of the wonders of the Western Hemisphere. One hundred miles long and as much as 46 miles wide, it is the largest freshwater lake in Central America, but it may millennia ago …
Surfers In Paradise
The pretty ocean-side town of San Juan del Sur is the center for surfer culture. The best surf breaks in the country are within 20 miles of this village, and people come from around the world to try …
Nicaragua Weather
Nicaragua has a tropic climate. Days are warm, and nights are cooler but still balmy. The two seasons are the rainy and the dry, with the dry season running from December through April. There are 300 …
Nicaragua FAQS
1. When is the best time to go to Nicaragua?  Travelers can visit Nicaragua any time of the year. Temperatures are hot year round in the lowlands (high 80s during the day/ 70s at night) and …