Charco Verde

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Hotel lodging immersed by the foliage
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Charco Verde lagoon
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Surrounded by lush foliage

Charco Verde owes its name to its green water, which causes the plentiful vegetation on the shore, besides the high content of algae in its water. It has an extension of about three hectares, which works as lodging for abundant water species and local and migratory birds. These qualities have classified the area as a “protected area” or “Charco Verde National Park”. The ecological reserve Charco Verde is rich in flora and fauna.

The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde is located in Ometepe Island. Nicaragua lake has several islands, but the most outstanding is Ometepe Island due to its exuberant beauty, with an area of 276 square kilometers.

Two volcanoes are part of the features of Ometepe Island; Concepcion and Maderas.

Hotel services
The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde offers different kinds of lodging including comfortable matrimonial and family huts as well as single and double rooms.

Single and matrimonial cabins have private services, air conditioning and/or fan.

The huts have king size beds, comfortable furniture, private services, air conditioning, private terraces, hammocks, and swings or rest chairs.

Bar and restaurant
The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde has bar and restaurant service for the beach visitors as well as the hotel guests.

The bar offers a wide variety of national and international drinks, and the most desired wines and cocktails. The Charco Verde menu offers a variety succulent dishes such as appetizers, pastas, grills, creole dishes, Swiss sirloin, Gordon blue, soups, and desserts. Taste the special dish of the house, “creole fish” (from a quarter of kilo to two kilos). A legend says that fish have is enchanting, if you taste it you will come back to Ometepe island.

Water Activities
The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde offers different water activities to enjoy the most of the private beaches. Children can enjoy in the swings and slides on the beach.

For adults kayak services are offered, and also water bikes, boats, slides and lifeguards.

Bancon and Charco Verde beaches have calm waters, which guarantees tourist security and a peaceful environment to relax.

The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde has two private beaches so you can enjoy your vacationing stay. The Charco Verde beach is in front of the hotel and offers an excellent and relaxing view to its guests from the cabins or huts.

Tourists can enjoy of the natural beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. Likewise, you can spend the evening under the spectacular moon, heated by a bonfire in the Charco Verde shores.

Bancon beach is another of its private beaches, which is approximately 10 minutes on foot from the hotel. In this beach enjoy the waves lapping on a beautiful shore, hear the echo of the birds singing and the language of the conges. From Bancon beach watch volcano Madera and El Quiste Island, or explore them by kayak.

Ecological reserve
The hotel and restaurant Charco Verde has a singular ecological reserve of twenty hectares surrounded by one kilometer of private beaches; these include Charco Verde beach, Charco Verde lagoon and El Bancon beach.

In the ecological reserve you will find different kinds of birds such as guides, white herons, black herons, woodpeckers, magpies, night ducks, owls, fireflies, and sparrow hawks. Likewise, it has mammals such as howling monkeys (Conges) armadillos, rabbits among others.

This ecological reserve also includes a wide variety of plants and flowers, including Guanacaste, cedar, pochote, chaperno, guasimo, spines, helequemes, Zardinillo flower and others.