Akwadup Lodge

Welcome to Akwadup Lodge, an eco-resort owned and operated by a Kuna family. It is located on a private island in the Caribbean ocean off the coast of Panama, only a 5 minute boat ride from the village of Achutupu which is one of the most untouched indigenous community in the native lands of Kuna Yala Comarca. The lodge rests on a beautiful stretch of beach, with ocean breezes to welcome each day. Escape to Akwadup Lodge, a special place far away from the city and the stresses of everyday life.

Your resort hosts belong to the Kuna indigenous people and are the owners of this palm fringed eco-tourist lodge on the islands of Kuna Yala, also known as the San Blas Islands. Akwadup Lodge is nestled into the small coral reefs close to the island of Achutupu, which has one of centers of the traditional Kuna culture where little has changed over the centuries. Guided tours will take you to watch the native women making their world renowned molas; or opt to take a trip up river into the rainforest. Other choices include snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing in a palm shaded hammock.

Guest Accommodation
Guests to the eco-resort are accommodated in seven cabanas which sit over the ocean, each traditional in style but with modern comforts. The cabanas are equipped with two double beds, each with screens, as well as a large sitting area and balcony with views of the Caribbean and the lush rainforest on the horizon. The modern fully equipped bathroom has a tiled floor and spacious fully tiled shower enclosure. Roof fans are available to assist the ocean breezes in cooling the cabana. All lighting is powered by solar panels.

From the private balcony, enjoy the 180 degree view to the majestic verdant rainforest across the water. Marvel at each sunset's vividly colored canvas and the night's starry canopy. Below the deck, schools of tiny minnows swarm and feed on the ocean plankton.

Facilities of the Eco-Resort
Akwadup Lodge is set on a large coral reef, crowned by coconut palms and surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean. The island is uninhabited.
The free-standing, conical-shaped comedor (dining room) is set on grassy landscaped ground. Views to the horizon's rainforest mountains greet the eye from each window. The comedor's striking high wood framed roof helps to ensure good ventilation, supplemented as needed by suspended fans. Fresh ocean breezes enter via the screened windows.

The modern, ergonomically and hygienically designed kitchen is the source of the chefs specialties such as lobster, shrimp and fish, freshly caught in season. Chicken and vegetarian dishes are also served.

The bohios (sunshelters) on the island provide pleasant shaded areas for relaxation and to enjoy a cooling drink. The sand beach rises from the coral reef with stunning views to the Caribbean. Inland, enjoy identifying the many types of coral to be found on your walks around the island. For those looking for peace and tranquility, a place to relax surrounded by natural beauty, Akwadup Lodge Eco-Resort provides the perfect opportunity.