Sapibenega Lodge

View of the vibrant colors of the island
Comfy and clean rooms in unique bamboo huts
Relax and enjoy the general spendor of the beach
Dine with your sweetheart on the beach
A view of the Sapibenega Lodge guest rooms
The lodge is beautiful in the sunset
Enjoy the beautiful white beach
The sunsets are amazing on the island
The boat that takes travelers to the island
Dine with your sweetheart on the beach

Relax on this small resort located on a private island in the beautiful San Blas Islands. Stay in one of the private cabins built over the sea, letting the crystal clear waters of Kuna Yala lullaby you to sleep. All meals are provided by the resort's restaurant, which specializes in fresh local cuisine. Enjoy the magic of Sapibenega, meaning "Nature" in the Kuna language.

Sapibenega features several seaside cottages which border its exclusive private island. Each cottage has a balcony and the lodge provides hammocks for travelers to relax and take in the sights and sounds of Panama.

Enjoy Panama from your cottage on the sea at Sapibenega Lodge, where time is slow and life is sweet.

*Private Bathrooms
*24 hours of solar electricity
*Balcony with hammocks
*1 Queen / 2 double beds.
*Mosquito nets for each bed
*Tables and lamps