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La Amistad Peace Park

Hiking near Boquete
Hiking near Boquete
Up early again and Rolando takes us for a long hike through La Amistad Peace Park. They have to wait for me on the up-hills... Rolando is very nice and he and Jake get to chatting - half English and half Spanish. Its amazing how smart, educated and well traveled the guides are. We have a late picnic lunch at the trail head and drive back into Boquete. Its Rolando's birthday and we offer him a birthday cocktail but he's anxious to spend the rest of the day with his family. We will see him in 2 days for our transfer to Bocas.

I'm sore from 2 days of hauling luggage and hiking so Ava arranges for a massage for us by an American woman who is living in Boquete. Ava drives us over to her house and we will take a cab back to Isla Verde after the massage. The massage is heavenly and the woman's house is charming. The back of the house overlooks a babbling creek and gorgeous natural grounds that slope down to the creek.

Jake has taken a little nap and organized his "stuff" and is ready to explore. We walk into town and stop for a cocktail and then find a place for dinner. Town is interesting. It is not overrun by tourists as I expected, just local people going about their business. No rain this evening so we pick up a six-pack after dinner and go back to our little round-house and sit outside under the stars and enjoy the lovely evening.

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