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Hike to Laguna Inge & the east shore of Nordenskjold Lake
Argentina & Torres del Paine Custom Family Adventure

Today's trek allowed for departure walking right from EcoCamp, past some horses frolicing in another lodge's front lawn, through a field of "mother-in-law" bushes (prickly!), with a stop by a gushing mountain waterfall to fill our bottles. Then continuing on with many bird sightings and a view of a constantly avalanching mountainside - you could often hear the avalance start and then look quickly for the visual! Our lunch stop was at the intensely turquoise Nordenskjold Lake. After lunch everyone had a choice to continue on or return to EcoCamp and we chose the latter.

The hike back was lovely and having some leisure time before dinner allowed us to get to know more of our international fellow guests (Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain and U.S.). A convivial happy sour ensued (sour, not hour, because of the complimentary Pisco Sours).