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Day 3
Awesome Argentina and Mendoza

Today we went on an all day gaucho adventure to the countryside of Mendoza. 2 hrs to drive to the foot of the most gorgeous mtns and valleys ever. We rode horses for 4 hours (ouch!) and learned how to gallop, trot, and we even rounded up the loose horses and penned them just like Rawhide! The lunch (at 4pm) was fabulous--5 types of grilled meat for the 8 other "cowpokes" and a special grilled vege stack for me. Whenever we ask, the chefs always take pride on creating special meals for Jean which is delightful.

Tomorrow it is off to Patagonia which will take us all day by air. Very few Argentineans have visited there because the airfare for them is prohibitive and the cost of staying there is too much. But every tourist we meet who has seen it says that it is the most beautiful place they have ever seen. We will be at the most southern portion of the world there.