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Flight to Punta Arenas
Jenny Explores Chile's Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine

Today, we say goodbye to our friends at the Hotel Orly, and fly to Punta Arenas. It just happens to be Easter Sunday, and hardly anything was open in either city! When we arrived to the airport, we were able to hire a shuttle to take us to our hotel very easily. We stayed at a funky little hostel called the Oro Fueguino. I really enjoyed staying at that hostel. We decided to walk around town. Punta Arenas is very easy to find your way around as it is a much smaller town than Santiago. We only found one place open, and it just happened that there was a soccer game playing on tv. The bar was packed with men totally engaged in the soccer game. We sat down to drink the local beer brewed in Punta Arenas, ate some food, and became immersed in the soccer game as well. Later, we met a friend in a bar to catch up on old times.