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Good-bye to Friends at Terrantai Lodge
Jenny Explores Chile's Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine

We sadly have to leave today. We both wanted to spend a least another day in San Pedro, and enjoy the simple elegance of the Terrantai Lodge. We said good bye to our new friends, and headed off to the airport in Calama. Our flight took us back to Santiago, and then to Hotel Orly. That night, we ate dinner with a couple friends in Santiago. They decided to take us to local restaurant that had a local band play one night a week. We were able to watch people tango, salsa, and many other dances that we did not know the names of! Our friends convinced us to dance a little. We certainly were the obvious gringos trying to dance with the locals! All of us were amused. I was worn out, and almost fell asleep in the taxi ride home.