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Pisco Sours on Grey Glacier
Jenny Explores Chile's Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine

After breakfast, we began making our way to Lago Grey. The wind picked up today -- but for the most part we have had unbelievable weather! It was sunny and fairly warm! We arrived to Lago Grey and hitched a ride on the boat. It took us up close to the Grey Glacier. We were served Pisco Sours and whiskey on Grey Glacier ice! Many pictures were taken as we headed to the opposite end of the lake. Here we were met by the Eco Camp van, and taken back to the camp. Once again, we were met with open arms and more Pisco Sours!! After a wonderful dinner, Mike and I made our way back to the comfort of our dome. The sheets are fleece, with quite a few blankets, topped with Llama fur and plenty of pillows. I could sleep a long time in that bed.