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Tatio Geysers
Jenny Explores Chile's Atacama Desert and Torres del Paine

4:30 AM came much too quickly. I put on really warm clothes because it was freezing outside. The night was clear, and we could see so many stars. We boarded the vans and headed off for a long drive up the desert. We gained elevation -- the highest point was around 14,000 feet. It was strange to be in the desert and so high in elevation. We hiked around the Tatio Geysers as the sun rose over the desert. Mike soaked in the hot sping after the sun had been up a bit. I was still too cold! After a good breakfast and a bit of hiking, we headed back down to town. A wonderful lunch welcomed Mike and I at the lodge! After lunch and a nap, we met around 4 PM to go to the Valley of the Moon. It was so beautiful there. We were able to get a nice hike around the desert for a bit -- and take some great photographs. Working up an appetite, we headed back to the lodge for a great dinner and good night sleep.